Recent Warrug Press Coverage

Quartz wrote about my history with collecting Afghanistan war rugs and the rise in popularity of drone images. Check it out here. It includes the Red, White, and Blue Drone Rug, the Predator Drone RugRed Rug 13Abstract WTC 9/11 Afghan War Rug #2Bomber Helicopter Style War Rugthe Beautiful Afghan Province Map Rug, and the WTC rug all of which can be explored in detail on

NPR and The World also did a couple write ups on the subject. It’s nice to see War Rugs getting some interest in the public sphere.

Iran Map Showing Provinces, Landmarks, and Flags

Here is a map rug reminiscent of the early Iraq maps especially this great beauty of a silk iraq rug (more info about province rugs like these Iraq rugs or these Iraq rugs from 2003 or these map rugs with and without provinces), but this rug is apparently Iranian. It shows Iran with its provinces outlined and colored like the Iraq rugs (and Afghan map rugs). The oil wells in Iraq are a nice touch. If only Nigel Lendon were here to discuss this.

A friend is selling this rug so contact Warrug for the details.

1980’s Washed Pixelated Weapons War Rug

Creating juxtaposition by using tanks, grenades and helicopters next to floral designs makes this War Rug from the 1980’s a very unique, special item. The colors used, light pink and beige, make the rug feel calm yet it carries a message that is deep and creates a long-lasting image and detail that does not tire to look at.

1980's Washed Pixilated Weapons War RugThe figures and motifs are pixelated and stylized. The different rows of weapons are separated by jagged lines. The border is made up of alternating tanks, rifles, and helicopters. The flowery guard stripe on the left side of the rug appears to be stretched compared to the stripe on the right. This rug can be found on

1980’s War Rug with Russian Soldiers

A blue, orange, red and green incentive motif featuring Russian soldiers, helicopters, jets and tanks rug which was completed in the 1980’s and is incredible unique is available on

1980's War Rug with Russian Soldiers

The pattern creates a war scene with all of the tools and people needed to defend a base. Bright saturated colors on a dark rich blue field, the guard stripes are made of interlocking geometric brown, green, and red shapes separated from the main borders by white ‘sawtooth’ patterns. The kilim has an interesting blue pattern.

180's War Rug with Russian Soldiers

It is 48 x 96 inches (123 X245 cm), uses wool and was made in Afghanistan.

1980’s Dark Blue Floral Medallion with Weft Substitution Skirt Bands

This rug was created in the 1980’s in Afghanistan. Although it has been some time since it was created it is in perfect shape and features traditional end finishes, the drawing, and the traditional design suggest this is of the earliest war rugs. Dark Blue Floral Medallion

The intricate design is special, it features vague floral medallions and transcendent color combinations create a pattern that is beautiful to digest and never ends out of details to examine closely.

1980's medallian rug  There is a closer look at some of the intense detail in this rug.

1980’s Rare, Early, Bomber Border with MiGs Price on Request

Made in the 1980’s, this rug features all kinds of modes of transportation including helicopters, jets, ships and trucks. The rug reminds me of traffic and having a clear direction.
War Motifs

An interesting colorful mosaic of weapons, jets, helicopters, grenades, and other war motifs. Border is very similar to the imagery in the field, but separated by a brown guard stripe. The design of the fighter jets in the center is unusual and unique for this rug. The way that the trucks are stacked in the border is also unusual. The rectangular shapes in the helicopters is very realistic. This all suggests that this is an early rug. It is available at

NFS Dark Blue Field Reaper Drone War Rug

Also for sale is this beautifully woven drone rug from 2015, Warrug has seen many variations of this style over the years.
Reaper Drone War Rug Folded

It’s dynamic pattern and color schemes add complexity to this rug while maintaining a balance. Red white and blue coloration, coupled with the red, white, and blue border ads complexity to this rug.

Drone War Rug
It is Size 36 x 24 inches (92 X61 cm) using hand spun wool.

Blue Elephant Foot Bokara Drone War Rug

This rug is woven of excellent, hand-spun wool and features vegetable dye colors. The rug employs a classic Bokara or Elephants Foot design (like this antique non-war rug), but rather than traditional tribal emblems this rug uses a major and minor guls made from drones.

Bokara or Elephants Foot Design Rug

The size is Size 78 x 117 inches (198 X297 cm) and it can be purchased on after clicking on Drone War Rugs.