Drone Rugs, Now On the Radio


The drone rug craze has maintained its drive. Public Radio International featured a story on the rugs, their background and growing popularity. There is a written story on PRI site, as well as the option hear the full radio interview. You can find a link to both below. Thank you to PRI for the interest!


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About Kevin

Kevin Sudeith is an artist and the creator and curator of the war rug collection seen on warrug.com. Beginning as (and remaining) a collector, he began selling war rugs to learn as much as possible about the rugs. Later he sold what he calls "regular rugs" to better study rugs and their historical origins. Sudeith learned how war rugs related to traditional Afghan tribal and workshop rugs as well as the broader Turkmen and Persian rug traditions.

One thought on “Drone Rugs, Now On the Radio

  1. Phil

    Call me a traditionalist, but it just fascinates me why anyone would spend so much time creating a hand knotted rug with a drone as a centre motif when there are so many other concepts that the weaver could have used. Saying that I do like the use of the colours.

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