A couple of Pictorial Rugs

The rug above is notable for its Latif Chel minor borders combined with the more urban, Mashad-like, main border and pictorial rendering.

The rug below is silk on silk, and it is notable for the rendering of the purple mountain in the background, but particularly for the depictions of tigers where we usually see lions. Also notable is the bald eagle.

Please contact us for acquisition information. Also, for more information about pictorial rugs, please consider Kevin Sudeith’s book about pictorial rugs.

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About Kevin

Kevin Sudeith is the war rug collector who built warrug.com. After starting to collect Afghan rugs, he began selling regular and war rugs to better study war rugs and their historical origins. Sudeith learned how war rugs related to traditional Afghan tribal and workshop rugs as well as the broader Turkmen and Persian rug traditions.