Stinger Missile Buyback Ad

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Kevin Sudeith is an artist and the creator and curator of the war rug collection seen on Beginning as (and remaining) a collector, he began selling war rugs to learn as much as possible about the rugs. Later he sold what he calls "regular rugs" to better study rugs and their historical origins. Sudeith learned how war rugs related to traditional Afghan tribal and workshop rugs as well as the broader Turkmen and Persian rug traditions.

One thought on “Stinger Missile Buyback Ad

  1. chodor

    Submitted with no intention of irony, sarcasm, etc. … So the U.S. is trying to disarm the Taliban by buying back missiles that we gave them? Interesting and, I hope, effective. Perhaps if we offer them enough, there also will be less incentive to cultivate opium. In any case, the poster would be a fantastic cartoon for a new series of rugs.

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