“That rug really tied the room together”

This rug really does!
Compare to the one on which The Dude listens to “Venice Beach League Playoffs, 1987” in the Coen Brothers brilliant The Big Lubowski. Signed Kashan, 6’8″x10’5″, Condition and wool are excellent. $775

Kazak. Iranian Kurdish. N.W. Iran. 4×6 $300

Kazak, N.W. Iran, Kurdish, 4’x6′, $225

Third Generation Iraq Rug, aprox. 4’x6′, $775

Turkish Kilim, 7’2″x11′, $450

4×6′ Needlepoint, $225

6′ Diameter Needlpoint. $325

Kazak, N.W. Iran, Kurdish, 4’x6′, $225

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Kevin Sudeith is the war rug collector who built warrug.com and who started selling rugs to study war rugs origins. Sudeith learned how war rugs related to traditional Afghan tribal and workshop rugs as well as the broader Turkmen and Persian rug traditions.