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General information about Afghan rugs and carpets.

Rug Washing

The effects of rug washing is a subject addressed in a few places on as well as in the soon to arrive Warrug, the Book. Here is an example of the local antique wash from Heriz, Iran. The rug on the right is washed normally, the colors are good, the wool is soft and the wool has nice luster. The larger rug on the left has been antique washed to artificially soften the colors. As a result the wool is dry and somewhat brittle.

Upcoming Lectures

I will be giving a lecture on Thursday October 13 at 7:00 pm at the Fiber Art Center in Amherst, MA.

October 13, 7 p.m., LECTURE: “War Rugs of Afganistan.” Kevin Sudeith speaks of the history and motifs of Afgan war rugs. $5 non-members, members free.

October 14 – 15, TRUNK SHOW: War Rugs of Afganistan. Come see magnificient handwoven rugs that include depictions of maps, tanks, bullets, flags, helicopters and trucks alongside traditional motifs such as poppies and urns. Kevin Sudeith, the pre-eminent collector and dealer in these rugs, will be on hand to answer questions about the origins of the rugs and the artists who weave them. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Foundation for Fiber Art.

I will be on hand with a selection of war rugs until Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, October 16 I am bringing rugs and the lecture to North Berkshire Creative Arts

War Rugs from Afghanistan — Sun. October 16

Northern Berkshire Creative Arts is pleased to welcome Kevin Sudeith, to lecture on “War Rugs from Afghanistan” from 12pm – 3:30pm on Sunday October 16 at Northern Berkshire Creative Arts, located 2610 MASS MoCA Way. North Adams, MA. Their will be a reception and rugs will be offered for sale following the
lecture. For more information please contact Sean Riley at (413) 663-8338 … and also check out nbca’swebsite:

I’m very excited about both venues, and I hope to see you there!

Earthquake Report

This is a firsthand report from Islamabad

Islamabad, Peshawar and surrounding cities, it felt like we are sitting in a
swing and are being swung. I can not tell how we had feeling at the moment
we were feeling jerks.
Once can not imagine to have several parts of the country being flattened at once within the course of one to three minutes.

Rug Fire

Several days ago I heard that three “lorries” of carpets burnt at Torkham, Afghanistan. A Loya Jirga was held in Torkham today to get to the bottom of the fire. The burnt carpets were reportedly fine quality Turkmen, including silks, from Mazar I’ Sharif bound for Peshawar.

Torkham is 225 km from Kabul and 55 km from Peshawar