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Drone Medallion

Original Medallion Drone War Rug with Dark blue field.
The knots in this rug really look like they are symetrical, or Turkish knots, which is exceptionally rare in Afghan carpets. It is hard to tell without tearing into the rug, but I have concluded they are asymmetrical open right, and the warp depression has pushed the left node above the right node, making it look like symmetrical knot.

Large Scale Bokara Drone War Rug
This is one of two rugs seen by warrug.com which employ a classic Bokara or Elephants Foot design (like this antique non-war rug), but rather than traditional tribal emblems this rug uses a major and minor guls made from drones.

The other rug of this design is herethis drone configuration is seen in this rug and this similar similar this rug

The condition is new and excellent.

Light Blue Drone Medallion War Rug -2020
This rug is in new, perfect condition. The knotting is excellent and the wool is very good hand spun Ghazni wool. Recently, though, warrug.com learned that some of the best hand spun wool in Afghan "Chobi" rugs is imported from Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

This rug is surprisingly heavy from its dense, thick wool and somewhat long pile.

Medallion Drone Rug with Ocher
This rug is in excellent new condition. This is the third piece of this pattern. The first one was shown at the US Textile Museum and sold, Warrug has kept one for exhibition, and this one.

Drone Medallion on Sky Blue Field
In 2020 two piece of this design were woven. This example has uses darker colors, with a dark blue background, and a darker blue inside the medallion. Each rug uses a buff color for one quadrant of the medallion, and half the drone and the medallion background are the same color.

All the colors are very rich. The rug is heavy from the dense, high quality wool.

Condition is new and perfect.

This rug seems to be a riff on antique (and contemporary) Turkmen designs known by the name of the 19th century town where tribal and workshop rugs were consolidated, Bokara, or Bukhara. Warrug doesn't traffic in antiques, but the rug in this link is an example of an Ersari Turkment rug

Blue Elephant foot Bokara Drone War Rug
New condition. Excellent wool tightly woven. Natural colors on hand spun wool.

Small Medallion Drone War Rug
Received in new condition. Excellent wool and well knotted. This is one of the first two of this design. Warrug is keeping one for exhibition, and selling this one.

Large Medallion Drone War Rug (Loaned to Textile Museum)
Perfect new condition. Received 2018. Excellently knotted of superb wool dyed with natural dyes.
This is one of two rugs of this design that we received, and we are keeping one for exhibition, and selling this one.