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Hand woven carpet from Afhanistan for sale

Original Medallion Drone War Rug with Dark blue field.

Exhibited at:
ID# 1811Date: Early 2018. This is the mate, or other part of pair, of rug shown at Textile Museum in Washington DC. NFS-:-Size 46 x 46 inches
(116 X116 cm)
9 h X 9
Origin: AfghanistanStyle: -Drone Medallion,
Other examples of this style
Tribe: Turkman
The knots in this rug really look like they are symetrical, or Turkish knots, which is exceptionally rare in Afghan carpets. It is hard to tell without tearing into the rug, but I have concluded they are asymmetrical open right, and the warp depression has pushed the left node above the right node, making it look like symmetrical knot.
Wool: Excellent. This batch of drone rugs had the best material. Sheen: Very good to excellent. Handle: Stiff and strong. Selvedge: In early 2020 it was discovered that some of these Chobi style drone rugs had cut selvedges which were replaced. Our vendors said this was a feature, not a bug, but I strongly disagree. Cutting the selvedge undermines the structure of the rug. Past rugs from this specific workshop or weavers have had a problem with edge roll
Fringe: Latticed end finish, where three wefts support a web of warps and a short fringe. Pile: 6mm Warp: White cottonWeft: Two shoots white cotton.
Warp Depression:Very slightly less than full warp depression. There is a slight bit of the second half of the knot visible between the depressed warps.
For sale: Afghan War Rug or Conflict Carpet