Drone Rugs

Woven by Afghan Turkmen with vegetable dye colors and hand spun wool.

Right now is a rare opportunity to see rugs from three iterations of the drone rugs: 2015, 2017, and 2018.

2017 was the third batch of the original drone rugs, and the first of these rugs woven in Afhganistan. As Pakistan unofficially revoked the Afghan's welcome, these weavers returned to Afghanistan after more than a generation. When the weavers settled back in Afghanistan they commenced weaving the same patterns they wove in Pakistan, these drone rugs.

The first batch of drone rugs was three pieces, the second batch was eleven pieces, the third batch was eighteen pieces, and the medallion rugs were four pieces. The wool and colors of the Afghan woven drone rugs are different than the Peshawar style of earlier rugs, so the colors and wool reflect these rugs unique origin and production.

The large pieces are signed, dated, and all come with a certificate of authenticity. Truly original!

To order, please contact us with the rug number you want, and we will send you an invoice. Shipping included in lower 48 contiguous US states.

Burgundy Predator Drone War Rug (2015) Afghan Rug
Burgundy Predator Drone War Rug (2015)
This is the last predator drone rug of the 2015 group of rugs.
It is new and in perfect condition. The materials and craftspersonship are excellent. It is well-knotted with super quality wool that has been carded and spun by hand which protects the natural lanolin in the wool. Lanolin gives shine and protects the wool. Like all Peshawar style rugs this rug has also been washed and rinsed with a conditioner The conditioning ads added luster and protection for the wool.
ID: 1754


38 x 24 inches
96 x 61 cm
Blue Green Sky Three Drone War Rug (2015) Afghan Rug
Blue Green Sky Three Drone War Rug (2015)
The wool and color are excellent quality, and a great compliment to the design. The field is greenish sky blue, and the border is red over a background of darker blue.
The unmanned aerial vehicles are the Predator which is smallest, the Reaper which is the middle size, and then the huge Global Surveyor.
Dated at bottom, 1393 or 2015.
ID: 1673


36 x 58 inches
92 x 148 cm
Light Blue Three Drone War Rug (2017) Afghan Rug
Light Blue Three Drone War Rug (2017)
New. Great abrash.
ID: 1667


38 x 55 inches
96 x 140 cm
Dark Blue Three Drone War Rug (2017) Afghan Rug
Dark Blue Three Drone War Rug (2017)
Beautiful abrash. Very nice wool
ID: 1666


38 x 58 inches
96 x 148 cm
Large Medallion Drone War Rug (Loaned to Textile Museum) Afghan Rug
Large Medallion Drone War Rug (Loaned to Textile Museum)
Perfect new condition. Received 2018. Excellently knotted of superb wool dyed with natural dyes.
This is one of two rugs of this design that we received, and we are keeping one for exhibition, and selling this one.
ID: 1664


44 x 48 inches
112 x 122 cm