Rug Structures


The ends of the warp threads make the fringe of a rug. The entire rug is founded on these threads that become the fringe.
Tribal rugs, particularly those from Afghanistan, often have short kilim skirts that protect the pile from damage. In our descriptions the fringe consists of three parts: kilim skirt, closure, and fringe. Kilim skirts offer a wide array of interesting woven structures that inform us as to the origin of a particular rug.

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The selvedge of a rug is where the weft threads reach the end of a rug, turn around and re-enter the rug. Different weavers use different selvedge techniques, so selvedge is an indicator of a rugs origin.

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How a rug feels in the hand is called handle. Tsthe primary factor in handle is the flexibility of a rug, for example, is it floppy or firm. To represent handle through photos we fold a rug and judge the diameter of the fold.

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The sheen of a rug is the luster of the pile. As rugs age the sheen improves. Sheen also indicates the quality of the wool use for the rug's pile.

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Weft threads run horizontally across the rug, perpendicular to the<$wp> warp. A rug may have one or more weft threads between each row of pile. In pile rugs, weft threads are used to lock in rows of pile knots. In most flat weaves, weft are the threads that form the rugs design.

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A good quality rug is utterly repairable. Prompt and professional repairs greatly improve the longevity of a rug. While repairs are never desirable, a well done repair to a good rug, does not greatly diminsh a rugs value.

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Plain Weave

This is the most basic weave. The warp and weft alternately form the surface of this type of textile.

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Weft Brocade

Supplemental wefts are floated on the surface of the textile.

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Rugs are washed and blocked after weaving. Some washes have pronounced effect on the aeshtetic of the rug.

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Various repairs to rug

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Variations in dye lots, often very beautiful.

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