War Carpet Selvedge

Good quality red wool overcast

Alternating red and blue wool braided overcast

Two color alternating tow cord wool overcast

Note how selvedge ends in kilim end.

Good quality braided goat hair overcast

Medium quality braided goathair overcast

Single cord red wool overcast, Afghan Kazak

Thick example of a flat two cord wool selvedge.

Good braided goathair selvedge ends in heavy braided closure. Very good basic selvedge and fringe for Afghan Baluchi.

Lightly worn wool overcast selvedge

Black wool, one cord overcast

Classic Turkmen four cord flat weft wrap selvedge

Two cord wool overcast.

Sturdy and rustic braided goathair selvedge

Below good quality braided goathair selvedge.

Two cord wool

Fair quality braided goathair selvedge

Blue two cord overcast

Poorly overcast selvedge

Poorly overcast selvedge

Single cord red wool overcast. Al Kwaja

Four cord flat selvedge

Two cord wool overcast. Baghlani

Poorly overcast braided goathair. The grey color are exposed wefts. Overcast selvedge are designed to protect, no expose wefts.

Checkered red and blue two cord overcast. Taimani.

Checkered red and blue two cord overcast.

Goathair overcast

Two cord wool

Two cord wool