War Carpet Sheen

Good well oxidized luster on Baluchi Rug

Red rug wool sheen is not comparable to Baluchi or other Turkmen rugs. This example is above average with soft sheen, and it shows well on pink field.

Najibullah sheen. Concave fold not as effective photographically than wrinkle.

Good quality sheen on Ghazni wool red rug.

Sheen on Beljik wool Tora Bora rug.

This is a so called Chechen rug. The wool in Chechen rugs is not as soft or shiny as similar Afghan Kazaks

Minimal sheen in good quality Red Rug

Minimal fringe on new Red Rug

Excellent sheen, bad photo

Above average sheen

This excellent new rug shows a good but, underdeveloped sheen.

Example of very good to excellent sheen. The high quality wool in this new rug.

Note sheen on inside of wrinkle.

Excellent quality sheen on excellent war rug.

Very good quality fringe on Baluchi rug.

Excellent sheen on early war rug.

Warrug.com uses photos like this illustrate the sheen of a rug's wool. Good sheen, as this one, will have a noticeable glisten on the rug's wrinkle.