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Predator Drone

Deep Blue Sky with Red Predator Drone War Rug
The field color of this rug is unusual in this lot of rugs. It's dark, midnight blue, giving the rug a nocturnal feel. Also, this is the only rug in the group where the main plane is so far off center.
This is an armed Predator drone, of which there are fewer examples.
The border is a classic Turkmen example, which represents the ethnicity of the weavers of this rug.
The rug was rotated during photography to show the relative difference between the light and dark sides of the rug. When the plane's nose is pointed up, one sees the dark side; when the nose is pointed down one sees the light side.
The red center plane really pops out from the blue field and the brown medium sized planes nearby.

The dark blue field color of this rug is beautiful, and the white lines around the planes offset the imagery well. Traditional Turkmen border contrasts nicely with super modern imagery.
The materials and craftspersonship of this rugs are excellent. The dyes are the contemporary stock of commercial vegetable dyes. The wool is Iraqi, Saudi, and Afghan wool of the highest quality. The wool has been spun by hand which preserves the natural fats (lanolin) in the wool yielding a higher quality product.

Night Sky Armed Predator Drone War Rug
The black field in this rug suggests a different feeling than the others. Black, generally in rugs, is a funerary color. The blue lines around the border really pop out. The orange outlines around the planes give the rug an eerie light.
This is one of the second group of drone rugs. The first group only had three rugs and the second group had 15, so these rugs are unique, rare, and historically important.

Burgundy Predator Drone War Rug (2015)
This is the last predator drone rug of the 2015 group of rugs.
It is new and in perfect condition. The materials and craftspersonship are excellent. It is well-knotted with super quality wool that has been carded and spun by hand which protects the natural lanolin in the wool. Lanolin gives shine and protects the wool. Like all Peshawar style rugs this rug has also been washed and rinsed with a conditioner The conditioning ads added luster and protection for the wool.

NFS - Brown Predator Drones on Rust Red Field War Rug
Dark grey bodied Predator drones with ocean blue trim set against an almost crimson rust field, bordered with triangular pattern and cotton trim

Light Burnt Orange Predator Drone Rug
New, shows no signs of any visible wear, white cotton trim is clean and bright. The rug possesses strong abrash, with a variety of different rusty orange colorations. The selvedge has slight indentations, such that it is not a perfect measured square, testifying to its handmade, non-factory construction.

The primary armed predator drone, with its almost pink color atop the rusted orange field, has a box-like shape within its head/cockpit, giving the apparent sensation of an eye glancing downward, watching. The secondary predator drones, also armed, are a deep grey color, trimmed in the same beige color as the primary, central figure. A set of smaller drones, in the same color as the primary, offer a contrast in orientation and pigmentation. You will notice of this set, some are slightly smaller than others, with their tails somewhat differently shaped, seemingly in possession of different or fewer armaments. Deep blue triangles, set in an ascending and descending pattern with one beige shape in each segment, frame the rug nicely.

Peach Drone Rug
Armed predator drone with red body set against rusty pink field, offset with grey-bodied armed predator drones, both of which are trimmed in a saturated off-white. Field bordered in thicker knotted set of triangular shapes

Red, White, and Blue Drones on a Blue Sky - Afghan War Rug
This rug is new and in perfect condition, with the exception of the notes in the selvedge field.

The wool, colors, and wash of this rug are all excellent. The 2019 Drone rugs are probably the best to date. They are woven in Afghanistan by former refugees who lived in Pakistan for more than a generation.

First Example of Predator Drone Rug - First Batch
This rug features an array of Predator drones used, allegedly, in Pakistan. The drones appear armed given the long rectangels attached perpendicularly to the wings. This is the first rug of this design we have seen or received.

The quality of materials is excellent. The wool is spun by hand and the colors are vegetable dye. The rug sits flat, but there is a slight edge roll (where the wefts are a little to tight) on the top right corner.

White Predator Drone Rug
This war rug is in new condition. It depicts reaper drones of various sizes in blue and red flying in opposite directions over a white background. The pattern of the drones is symmetrical. The center of the carpet is a blue drone with a red outline. The border of this rug is also red, white and blue and patterned.

Final Blue Predator Drone Rug
Perfect. Great example of this pattern which bears structural differences from the Reaper drones (1151, 1156, 1158).

The border on this rug is Turkmen with the colors altered to fit the palette of this red, white, and blue rug.

Blue Predator Drone War Rug (2/3)
Perfect. One of three rugs (2/3) of this pattern which bears structural differences from the Reaper drones (1151, 1156, 1158).

The border on this rug is Turkmen with the colors altered to fit the palette of this red, white, and blue rug.

Red, white, and blue Drone Rug with Turkmen Border
New. Great border. Final example of this series.