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Peshawar - Kabul - Hand spun

Weapon Inventory War Rug made from only Undyed Wool
Perfect new condition. Slightly pucker at center top, see photos.
Rare example of a rug woven from only undyed wool. All the colors in the rug are the natural colors of the sheep.

Stinger Missile War Rug Made from all Undyed Wool.
This is one of seven rugs we received in early 2014. These are the only examples of this pattern. The imagery is an inventory of weapons used in Afghanistan during the past 35 years, ranging from the Enfield 303's used in the early 1980s, through the land mines, grenades, and artillery that later was repurposed for IEDs, to the stealth drones of the past few years.
The condition of this rug is new and excellent. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship is also excellent.
This is one of the last 4 of these rugs, of which only three will be sold so two can be kept for our archive.

Stinger Missile War Rug with Enfield 303's
This is one of seven rugs we received directly from the Afghan Turkmen weavers who wove them in Pakistan.
The quality of this rug is excellent both in terms of materials and craftsmanship. Its densely knotted from large threads, so the knot count is high, but not as high as city rugs from Afghanistan or Iran.
The imagery in this rugs is an inventory of the many of the weapons used throughout the last 35 years of war in Afghanistan ranging from the Enfield 303's of the early 1980's to the stealth drones used in 2000's

Dark Parachutes Stinger Missile Rug
The wool in this rug is all high quality and spun by hand. The colors are all natural dyes. The design is one from 2003 when two examples were woven in full color. This rug is one of seven woven in this earth tone color palette.
These rugs are part of warrug.com's project empowerment. We have helped women in Pakistan set up independent weaving operations, and that is where this rug originates. We work closely with a small group of weavers. This rug came directly from the weavers so the condition is perfect.
The wool is thick, lush and dense. It is soft and susterous. The hand spun wool threads are thick guage so they don't yield the highest knots per inch. The knotting is very dense, as you can see in the photos of the back of the rug, where the design is perfectly clear on the back as on the front.

Dark Parachutes Stinger Missile Rug
Perfect new condition. This is one of seven rugs of this design that we received directly from the weavers. It is beautifully made. The wool is the highest quality and it is spun by hand. The colors are all natural. The wool is minimally processed and not bleached. There are no chemical on synthetic dyes.
The design shows various land mines, Enfield 303's, daisy cutter bombs (from parachutes), technical vehicles, and stinger missiles along the sides.

Edge roll. Unlike any other rug we've seen. Related to these rugs.
The drawings of the weapons and machinery surrounding the map of Iraq are very detailed and well drawn. The writing is all in Farsi script. (soda)

Minbar Design Prayer Rug
This is a large format prayer rug. Attribution from Kleiber given the drawing style of the mosque and layout even though the two rugs have remarkably different mihrabs. The mosques in this rug are more of Turkmenistan style architecture than most Afghan mosques similar to other Afghan rugs.
Kunduz states that "The design used in the prayer rug illustrated is also found as an all over pattern in carpet sizes. It is not agol, of course, but a representation of the minbar, the focal 'pulpit' of the mosque set up next to the qibla..."

Condition notes 1/2024: 2cm of missing pile in center of top middle motif.