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Mythic Figure War Rugs

Shanama War Rug about April 1979 Uprising in Heart
Wear but sound. Most wear to middle, borders fine.

Al Buraq Bolescht, Bag, or Pillow
This a bag with a pile front and a plain woven back which typically would be used as a seat cushion on the floor. The pile side shows a single blue Al-Buraq with red wings and tail. The mythic figure sits in the center of a beautiful brown field decorated with flowers. A classic Turkmen border frames the composition.
Better photos towards the bottom. Also, please note there is some crusty schmutz on one corner which sits only on the surface of the rug.

The pile face of the bag, or bolescht, is backed with a plain plain weave face, which is attached at the selvedges. The pile and plain weave are one textile which is folded, then the sides are sewn up to form a pillow.

Al Buraq Afghan Rug

Figures with Cup
This interesting rug features imagery possibly related to the poetry of Omar Khayyam. The main motif consists of two busts, one man and one woman. They wear headscarves and the woman looks as if she is offering the man a cup of wine. This motif is repeated multiple times down the rug, the facial expressions slightly changing each time.
The border on this rug is really interesting-- made up of what looks to be leaping deer, one of the deer (in the lower right) has a red eye.

Two Men with Guns by Wall under Tree War Rug
The condition of this rug is good. It shows some wear, but the pile is full and complete. There are some vertical rows where pile knots show on front of rug. The rug also has a few dropped knots and a few sarnach. The main motif of men with rifles under trees is repeated and flipped once and separated by four large birds.

Rustam Rug without Text

Al Buraq - Mythic Figures and Horsemen War Rug
new selvedge no full on top change both side kilim with blue color and some knots