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British Flag Banner Tora Bora

Miami U British flag Tora Bora rug
Perfect new condition. Red field color inside map is very nice. British flag, unusual in this group, and not seeing contemporary examples (2008)
Bright primary colors throughout the rug . Interesting civilian car in the southern part of Afghanistan.

Brown Airplane Tora Bora War Rug with Three Flag Banner

Route of Terrorism Afghan War rug with British and American Flags
The condition of this new war rug is excellent. There is a banner across the top that consists of the British, American, and Afghani flags united in the war on terrorism.

F-16 Afghan War Rug with US / Afghan / UK Flag Banner
This new Afghan war rug is in excellent condition. This rug features a three country flag banner at the top. Most rugs like this feature only the US and Afghan flags, but this one features Britain too.
The text on this Afghan war rug is unusual, it seems to say something about making peace in union with the USA army. The rocket above the F-16 is nicely drawn.
There is some abrash in the red color inside the map of Afghanistan. The top is a brighter red than the lower rust color. Also, there is minor bleeding around the bottom border.

The condition of this new war rug is excellent. One note, there is a variation in the sheen running down the middle of this war rug. It can be seen running vertically half way down the rug from the border between the US and Afghan flags. This seems to be a clipping issue or a folding issue. We do not expect it to be permanent.
This Tora Bora war rug showcases the American planes, certainly our pride and joy (that's for you guys out at Edwards, we bet you WISH you had that red plane ;-)
This war rug depicts not only the U.S. and Afghanistan flag, but Britains as well. The weaver is also declaring the union of not only Britain and American forces, but Afghan forces as well to root out terrorism.

2002 USA Yellow Map 7
The condition of this new map war rug is very good with only some minor bleeding around the red lettering. The wool is of good quality, the pile is wonderfully consistent, and its glossy appearance is like a work of art.
It should be noted that of all the 2002 Map war rugs we have seen at WARRUG.com, this rug is the best overall example of one. The drawing is clear and concise and this is by far one of the best flags we have seen drawn on a rug.

2002 Yellow Map 2
This map war rug is in perfect, new condition.
The colors are exceptionally nice. What sets this apart from the other map war rugs is the unique addition of the flags representing the different countries of the U.S., Britain, Afghanistan and the Tora Bora region. These countries are rarely represented together on the same rug.