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Scattered Flags Tora Bora Rug

Scattered Flag War Rug
very good, new

4 Scattered Flags Tora Bora War Rug
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Scattered Flag War Rug with Tora Bora PSYOP Image and Spare Field
new, good

Afghan War Rug with Scattered Flags and Tora Bora Map in light colors saying -Route of Terrorishm -
This new rug is in very good condition. This rug features the unusual text ""AMERICAN ARMY"" as well as ""Rout of terrorism with the help of America and Britian."" The weavers of this war rug lived for years in western Pakistan in refugee camps, and after the fall of the Taliban regime at the US' hands, were able to return to their native homes in northern Afghanistan. They had been weaving the Soviet story war rugs in the same format and technique in Pakistan, and brought this style with them back to Afghanistan where they recreated the pattern with American weapons and war on terrorism motifs.
An unusual feature of this particular rug is the light colors inside the map of Afghanistan where the Tora Bora battle, Operation Anaconda, is depicted.
This particular rug is part of the ""Scattered Flags"" sub style of these small format yellow map rugs. The vast majority of these rugs feature a banner along the top with the American and Afghan flags, as well as sometimes the British Flag. The ""Scattered Flags"" design give the rug a more all over look.

F-16 Afghan Map War Rug with Scattered Flags and Three Hearts in Corner
This new Afghan war rug is in perfect condition. Out of the many Tora Bora map rugs we have seen at warrug.com, this is one of our favorites. The weaver of this war rug is exceptionally talented. The images depicted are strong and powerful, as she has weaved them with unparalleled accuracy. An example of this is her use of colors to demonstrate different parts of an object that she sees. Instead of an outline of a pickup truck, she uses multiple dyed yarns to showcase the wheels, hubs, windows, and even a person in the cab of the vehicles. A small, but interesting point is the weavers naming of what she has drawn with absolute clarity. She has taken the time to expertly label the ""air plane"", ""rocket"", and ""cars"".
Another interesting point is the inclusion of so many different flags, including Pakistan's. Not only does the weaver label the locals of the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan, she also points out the border of Pakistan, of which we have never seen before. This is a crucial element in the War on Terror, since the US has often speculated that Osama bin Laden and his followers have been going back and forth between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Many of these types of war rugs have all of the surrounding countries listed, but not this particular rug. It only points out Afghanistan and Pakistan and the border between them, with a nod to the original invasion by the soviets with naming Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Almost suggesting what our boys over there have known all along. That the terrorists we are looking for and its war is not just in Afghanistan, but they have been busy searching them out, cave by cave, in Afghanistan, along the border, and into Pakistan.
Lastly, although this is only theorized by the staff of warrug.com, is the meaning of a small symbol of a heart. We have seen a heart before, actually, on rug # 277, and it stuck out as odd then. However, we have known that many weavers add a sort of 'signature' on their rugs. Sometimes, it is an actual name, other times, it is an ambiguous marker. Unfortunately, even we are sure many 'signatures' have gotten by us, although we spend a lot of time inspecting each and every war rug. There are three hearts located on the bottom right of this rug. It is in a distinct pattern. We have seen a similar symbol, of the same size, color, and area in rug #277. That war rug was clearly not woven by the weaver of this rug, and there is a variation of the 'signature', Our guess is that perhaps the weaver of this rug either mentored the weaver of #227, was in the same family, or maybe in the same refugee camps. Either way, the weaver of #277 clearly tried to emulate this weaver. That is a wonderful example of an art being passed down through generations.

Scattered Flags - Route of Terrorism Afghan War Rug
This new Afghan war rug is in excellent condition. Some of the attractive features of this rug are the blue sky over the Tora Bora caves and the variety of flags. These ""Route of Terrorism"" rugs are very finely knotted and this war rug is no exception.
The only flaw in this rug is a common one, very slight bleeding particularly around the red colors in the yellow field.

Route of Terrorism Afghan War Rug with F-16's, Flags, and Cars
This new Afghan war rug is in excellent condition. Some of the attractive features of this rug are the light blue sky over the Tora Bora caves and the wide variety of flags, including Pakistan, Great Britain, the US, and Russia?. These ""Route of Terrorism"" rugs are very finely knotted and this war rug is no exception.
This rug has a minor problem with the clipping of the pile. Just above the large F-16 the text is blurred by this problem.
The layout of the flags is particularly nice in this rug, as are the light colors

Scattered Map Sub style of F-16 War on Terrorism War Rug with Weavers Combs
This new Afghan war rug is in excellent condition. The arrangement of the flags throughout the field of this rug is very nice. Another nice touch is the row of weavers combs along the top. This type of comb appears sometimes in rugs. The comb is heavy and used to beat down the rows of pile knots to give dense knotting. The spare field in this rug accents the flags, weapons, and map motifs nicely.

Scattered Flags, Route of Terrorism Tora Bora Style Afghan War Rug
This new Afghan war rug is in excellent condition. This rug is much is much thicker than most of the rugs in this group. The wool singles used to knot the pile are thicker gauge which give the rug a more pixilated look. This rug is extremely dense and the handle is very firm. This is an extremely hard wearing rug.
This rug has a bit of unusual text. On the left side towards the bottom it says ""AMERICAN ARMY"". It is worth noting that the people who wove rugs like this in refugee camps in Pakistan during most of the eighties and nineties returned to their native homes in Afghanistan after the AMERICAN ARMY et al took out the Taliban.

Tora Bora 3-Jet War Rug
The condition of this new war rug is excellent. One note, there is some bleeding of the red at the top of the rug and in the red stripes of the American flag. This is common in these types of war rugs.
This Tora Bora war rug is one of the best that warrug.com has seen. The colors used throughout are beautifully chosen and draws your eyes to all points of the rug. The bombers are expertly drawn.

2002 USA Yellow Map 8
This is a new war rug with some minor bleeding around the border. These map rugs are wonderfully drawn, but the drawings on this one in particular truly stands out because of its reminiscence of Soviet-era war rugs. This creates an interesting culmination of the contemporary and traditional.

USA 2002 Yellow Map 6
This is a new map war rug with only some minor bleeding around the color black. The U.S. and British flags are interesting in and of themselves with the contemporary war rugs, but this rug is, simply put, fascinating. It is the rare depiction of caves that makes this one so and is a true account of Afghanistan's strength in the war. Take note of the nicely placed touch of purple cotton pile at the uppermost cave.