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Diamond Herati (Lozenge Field with ""+"" Shaped Medallion""

Green Diamond Herati
Condition is very good to excellent. Minor signs of local wear. Dominant field green tip faded from deep emerald to olive green.

Diamond Shaped Medallion Herati War Rug
This design, the ""Diamond Medallion"", is consistently the best woven Baluchi rugs. This is true of both war rugs and regular rugs of the same design. This is an example from the 1980s. The wool is soft and lustrous. It has low pile in some areas. Strong design, good drawing. Rare rug. Herat inspired design radiating outward from the center medallion.

Blue Herati Rug with Persian Lions
This classic Herati design features a large blue polygonal Lozenge filled with the classic 'fish like' diagonal patterns. The spandrels contain small persian lion figures alongside tanks, rifles, and small medallions.
The center of the rug features a plus-shaped medallion containing a large stylized jet and a mounted gun with two smaller rifles and medallions.
The border on this rug is interesting.
Section of wear in the upper right corner of the 'plus sign' in the center where the foundation has been exposed and painted blue.

"Ali's" Diamond Herati
My personal favorite type of rug. A large blue lozenge with green, red, and grey geometric stripes running diagonally along the edges. In the middle of the lozenge sits a medallion containing a large rifle, two smaller rifles, and two triangles.
The white spandrels contain the same triangular imagery with small images of deer, helicopters, and other four legged animals.
The border consists of four smaller geometric guard stripes with interlocking lines and geometric shapes.

Green Diamond Medallion Rug - Best
This is a rug I would really like to keep.

Exceptional Diamond Herati Rug
Price on Request

A very high quality richly-colored blue Herati rug packed with various geometric shapes in red, green orange, blue, maroon, and tan which radiate outward from the large orange-outlined medallion in the center. Hidden amongst the patterns, both inside and outside the lozenge, are several depictions of rifles. In each corner of the field are smaller shapes, reminiscent of the medallion in the center.
There are four layers of guard stripes in various geometric patterns with the largest of the main borders comprised of a line of cross-shapes bordered with red wave-like imagery.

Diamond Herati with Women Afghan War Rug
Short Pile. Worn pile in some areas. Pixilated look. Tip fading on dark colors.