War Carpet Borders

This a not uncommon border design in Baluchi rugs. It lacks a main border, but rather features three quard strip width borders, again not uncommon in Baluchi rugs of all styles.

Traditional Baluchi border, seen most often in Pixelated rugs and Speckled field rugs

Very old border

Mushwani border with repeated mosques.

Tank border from Afghan Baluchi rug

Beautiful classic border from good quality Afghan Baluchi rugs

Traditional Turkmen border with bullet skirt.

Al Kwaja border. Beshir Turkmen.

Antique border design

Old time border design on modern rug

Wheeled APC border design on Ghazni red rug.

Bullet border common on red rugs from the 1990s made in Pakistan

Mushwani border design

This border is also dates to at least the 19th century

This border dates to at least the 19th century

Mushwani border motif

This border, while thin, employs good use of color.

This is a not very interesting border design.

Note inclusion of guard stripes on this very high quality rug, although border drawing jumpy.

Zakini border, medium quality.

Traditional sumac border with extra inner main border of beautifully rendered bombers.

Stylized tank border

Note glitch. This is a Turkmen design border, but colors and pattern are not typically Turkmen, so.

The main, or center, border in this rug is typically Taimini. The white border and eight pointed stars are what make it Taimani.

This photos shows a tree of life motif running inside the border one each side of the rug.

Best type of border. Note grape vine main border, and two very special, and wide, guard stripes.

Old style weapons border

Asymmetrical, elaborate border, consistent with extremely good quality of this rug.

Corner section of Bomber/Copter/Tank rug. Secondary designs, flowers, make this border particularly nice.

Golden Border, note stylized helicopters, and checkerboard guard stripe.

Butterfly plastic mine border seen on some rugs from Pakistan.

Classic grape vine border

Note fluorescent green and bleeding.

Contemporary style border.

Classic ""Golden Border"" with guns-up retreating tanks and super stylized helicopters.

One group of rugs, featuring a particular wool and single cord wool overcast selvedges feature this border.

Taimani single border.

Same weaver as rug 29

Distinct border from south central Afghanistan

Equal thickness tripple border