Hand woven carpet from Afhanistan for sale

Two Small Linked Helicopter War Rugs

Exhibited at:
Gund Gallery at Kenyon College - 2017-05-26
ID# 1127Date: 1980s - early 1990's-:-Size 12 x 27 inches
(30 X69 cm)
7 h X 6
Origin: PakistanStyle: -Telephony,
Other examples of this style
Tribe: Turkman
This pair of telephony rugs is connected by their cotton fringe. Both rugs feature helicopters, however the top rug is slightly more monotone than the bottom and features less detail. The bottom rug features small blue and green accents as well as some geometric shapes on the field, as opposed to the top rug's bare field. Both rugs feature simplified geometric colorful borders.
Wool: Dry Sheen: Velvety Handle: Stiff but flexible Selvedge: Black wool overcast
Fringe: Cotton plain weave with overhand knots, connects rugs. Pile: 7mmWarp: White cottonWeft: Red wool
Warp Depression:Fully depressed
For sale: Afghan War Rug or Conflict Carpet

For sale: Afghan War Rug or Conflict Carpet