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Masjid Malabar on Victoria St. Singapore

Abstract Victoria St Landscape War Rug
After much debate, two viewers of warrug.com have convinced me of the origin of this image. It is the Blue Mosque on Victoria Street in Singapore.

I created warrug.com to foster discussions about war rugs and to solicit input from people with knowledge diverse from mine, so I am happy to be corrected. Please keep the suggestions, corrections, and ideas coming.

Previous description

This rug appears to be an abstract version of a rug like this (example) which Max Allen has suggested is Victoria Station in Melborne Australia. The background urban skyline is really beautiful. The similarity between the helicopters at the bottom and the helicopters on the right side is interesting. The main border of this rug is a very old pattern found in antique rugs from the Caucuses to the Afghanistan. The color and wool are reminiscent of Mushwani rugs from before the Afghan Soviet war.

Victoria St Landscape Rug
This rug is in new condition,and it was purchased in 2003.

The origin of this image has been debated considerably, but my conclusion is that it is the Blue Mosque on Victoria Street in Singapore. Here is a blog post about it..

The clarification of the origin of this design came from a viewer of warrug.com. Getting feedback and community driven input is the reason I started this site in the 1990's, so if you have any ideas, input, corrections or suggestions, please contact me.

Previous and outdated description:
Max Allen, in his descriptions in Canada's Textile Museum Exhibition, describes this image thus:
""Flinders Street Station in Melbourne was built in 1854. It is the oldest urban railway station in Australia, and the busiest station in the southern hemisphere.""
. I was told by an Afghan friend that it is the Sultan Hussein Shrine, but I suspect Max is correct.