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Late Car Style (2010's and beyond)

Dark blue rug with subtle brown helicopter and car patter/trim
This is a contemporary Afghan war rug (2010) featuring an unusual design. Car borders have become increasingly common on a wide group of different patterns. This is one of the most interesting rugs to arrive with the last shipment. The light on dark composition works well, as does the blue and brown combination.

Blue Plane Pattern on Tan Field War Rug
This rug features inventive drawing and beautiful colors. The contrast between the mannered patterning on the tanks contrasts beautifully with the busy field full of small planes and traditional motifs.

Dark Blue War Rug with Multi-colored Air Planes
The brightly colored airplanes in the background of this rug make it stand out. The tanks are rendered in the classic "Ten Tank" style and colors, but the light planes make it really sing. The light blue colors are very nice and contrast beautifully with the dark field and its rich abrash. The way that lightly colored cars are dispersed around the border works very well and gives this piece a strong rhythm.

Red Outlines War Rug
This beautiful subtle rug features a deep blue border, and is complimented by a burnt orange color for the center. In addition, the repeating pattern of the border pairs excellently with the more nuanced beauty of the central shapes and characters.
Same weaver as #1573?

Red Background Boxy Tank
The deep blue base of this rug is intertwined with beautiful dark brown figures of planes and cars. However, the contrast provided by the bright pink threading is the real standout aspect of the rug. The vibrance of the pink gives life to all the images contained within its boundaries in a way that is incredible and adds greatly to the overall quality of this piece.
This rug is densely knotted with small singles and clipped long, so it has a dense, soft feeling.

Pink Field Ten Tank Rug
With a deep blue border and muted reds and browns for the cars, this rug makes the center truly pop. The muted reds paired in the center with the bright pink thread form an intricate sequence of shapes and patterns that gives this rug a delightfully engrossing aesthetic.

Blue Ten Tank Rug with Bright Red Airplanes
New condition piece with good colors. Car border indicates the 2000's. The red airplanes really pop on blue field while brown give a good chromatic foundation. The writing on the sides of the tanks says, "tank", but it has become abstracted in this example.

Tan Field Peacock and Car War Rug (Exhibition #26)
The color palate of this rug is beautiful and the dispersion of bright red leaves throughout field ads a brilliant sparkle to this design. This is the first rug of this design that we have received since 2000. the field in this rug is darker tan than most. The colors are harmonious with the tan, burgundy, maroon and dark blue haromoniously working together. Also the myriad of small designs scattered throughout field works well.

Three Big Tanks, Six Small Helicopters and Car Border
The strong design and bold colors employed in this rug make it a beautiful example of a contemporary war rug. The car border is a good indication of a rug woven since 2003. (The predominance of cars in patterns where they were not previously found could be caused by what Kevin Sudeith calls the ""feedback loop"". The ""feedback loop"" is where internet based discussions about war rugs in turn influence production of the newest war rugs. In this example, warrug.com has name a style of war rugs ""Car Style"". Car styel do include cars, but were more disntinctive for their exceptionally fine, lustrous, and translucent wool. The new rugs may emmulate the car motifs, but they fail to employ the distinctive wool of 1980's war rugs.)

Digression aside, this rug shows strong desing and good color. White outlines work well at getting tanks to pop, while brown helicopters push helicopters back in pictorial space.

White Field War Rug (Exhibiton #26)
This is an very nice example of a contemporary rug. The contrasting pictorial masses of the different images makes nice drawing. The border of cars is one of the new border motifs developed since 2001. The most artistic touch of this rug are the red cannons and red line on the tanks and helicopters in the middle of the rug.

Light field Baluchi rugs are really rare, and light field war rugs are the most rare.

Tan War Rug
Good mid 1990s small Baluchi