Styles Page


Handgun Telephony Rugs
This unique telephony rug is actually two rugs connected by the fringe in the middle. A clearly rendered handgun in bright green, yellow, and red sits at the center of each of the rugs, with a border of blue and white geometric shapes on a red background.

Two Handgun Telefony War Rug
This telefony rug features two handguns in a 'yin-yang' formation. The blue background features a nice abrash with a strange green stripe towards the bottom of the rug which continues into the blues in the border. The green appears to be either faded or mixed with some sort of yellow.

Two Small Linked Helicopter War Rugs
This pair of telephony rugs is connected by their cotton fringe. Both rugs feature helicopters, however the top rug is slightly more monotone than the bottom and features less detail. The bottom rug features small blue and green accents as well as some geometric shapes on the field, as opposed to the top rug's bare field. Both rugs feature simplified geometric colorful borders.

Telephony Rug with Pineapple Mine
This small rug depicts a colorful pineapple mine on a light yellow field. The bottom section of the rug includes some large text, while the top section includes some multicolored geometric shapes.
The bright orange borders on the right and left sides of the rug are much narrower than the borders at the top and bottom.