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Ghazni Wool Red Rugs - Hand Spun

Cutaway APC Border Ghazni Red Rug
New condition, excellent material and well knotted

Large Rifle With Bow Shape War Rug
Typical red rug with bright pink accents. Big blue rifle with an assortment of colored grenades filling out the rest of the space as well as the border. Very short fringe.

Red War Rug with Bright White Accents
This red rug has a beautiful heavy abrash, dark blue and gold coloring, and bright white accents throughout. Large rifles mark the sides of the rug with rows of weapons and vehicles making up the center. A minimal blue guard stripe creates the border. There is some blue text at the bottom of the rug.

(exhibited at Miami University Art Museum)Soviet Hand, Red Ground
This dramatic rug depicts the Soviet 'hand' gouging through the middle of Afghanistan with "Jihad" written in Farsi script below. Tanks, helicopters, bombs, guns, and bullets fill in the negative space around the country. A single narrow black guard stripe borders the field.

Tank, Truck, Helicopter Red, Green, and Brown
Possibly influenced by Ronald O'Calahan, four rifles surround a scene which includes helicopters, tanks, grenades, trucks, handguns, and other small motifs.

Symmetrical AK's War Rug
Very good

Vegetal Red Rug #2
This new war rug is in excellent condition. This rug has some of the best quality wool seen in war rugs. It has been described by the staff at warrug.com as ""super excellent wool."" The wool is Ghazni, which the best wool available in all of Afghanistan. It is completely spun by hand. This war rug is extremely well-knotted with fabulous use of color giving this rug gorgeous luster rarely seen in new rugs. Its color comes from all natural dyes and the quality of the pile is top notch, as is its wool foundation.
The different colors of the rifles is a wonderful touch. The weaver certainly had an artistic flair and expressed herself well.

Ghazni wool red rug with Grenade border
This is an extremely nice rug of this type. This Ghazni wool is wonderfully soft and very lustrous. The color is deep madder and beautiful. There is a nice realism to the Kalashnikovs, the barrels are unusually long. There is also an excellent variety of images in this rug: a land mine near the top, the man sticking out of the APC with 2 long guns, two kinds of helicopters and a pistol. The grenade border is quite unusual as the long rectangle size.
The first impression of this rug is the beautiful color and the top quality wool.