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Paghman Lake Monuments

Paghman Lake War Memorial Rug
This rug memorializes the Pagham Lake monument built by Amanullah Kahn. This is an incredibly rich rug with deep reds and vibrant blues. The arch monument stands tall in the center of the rug against a field of large red flowers and a blue sky. The border consists of small flowers with arranged squares (almost looks like tetris pieces?).

Blue Paghman Lake Rug
This is a brightly colored Pagham Lake Monument rug with a black-outlined almost cartoony aesthetic. Unlike the other similar rugs that contain the passenger aircraft, this rug depicts the plane flying away from the tower instead of towards. Two giant camels stand in the mountains in the background against a rich blue abrashed sky full of white and pink clouds.
The purple mountains and bricks as well as the greens inside the arch are also marled, as well as the interesting soft grey road which is a combination of a reddish grey wool with possibly a bluer nylon.
Text scrolls across the bottom of the rug. Blue, red, and purple flowers on stems create the border.

Pagham Lake Monuments with Passenger Plane
This controversial rug displays the Pagham Lake Victory Monument and the surrounding structures against a dark blue field. The muted colors and dark background suggest that this may be a night scene.
The passenger plane in the background throws a controversial twist into the rug some thought that this rug foretold the attacks on the World Trade Center.
The border is composed of rows of the national emblem of Afghanistan.
Great color combination combined with very nice composition and drawing. Good abrash in field. Two tanks next to road are very nicely rendered. Overall color palette works nicely.

Paghman Lake Monument 1984 (listed as 1017 in Miami U show)
Excellent composition. Blue abrash field sits beautifully on natural wool border. The Paghman Lake monuments are an unusual image. Text at bottom very nice. Please note images in border motifs, emblem of Afghanistan.
The dark blue and glowing nature of the imagery in the main motif hint at a night-time composition. Script is written in bright orange at the bottom of the composition. The border of the rug is a very common motif, interlocking 'Z' shapes separated by orange spots.