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Maps of Afghanistan

Old Afghan Map with Provinces and War Motifs War Rug

Beautiful Afghan Province Map Rug
Perfect new condition.

Spare Afghan Map Rug with Herati Border (Exhibition History)
The red field in this rug is uncommonly spare. This rug has one very rare feature. Two blue beads are sewn into the selvedges: on the left hand selvedge, about half way between top and bottom, and on the right selvedge about one foot from top. The border is very traditional and a type not often found on Afghan province map rugs. There are no war motifs in this rug.

Vine Border Afghan Province Rug with Blue Field (Exh.#26)
Afghan province map rug showing some roads. Dated clearly 1385 which is 2007 in western calendar.

Afghan Map with Red Border
Most of the Afghan map rugs feature traditional blue field behind map, but this rug has a vivid red background and border. This rug is new condition still showing irregular fuzz from clippers sheers. Province names are listed in English and Dari, and th

Multicolored Afghanistan Map War Rug
Similar to rugs featured here and here
A brightly multi-colored map of Afghanistan with labeled provinces. Neighboring countries are labeled in backwards english. A small rifle and jet are visible in the upper left corner.

Soviet Exodus with Afghan Provinces War Rug GOOD ID#
This war rug is in new condition. It has nice wool and is well knotted. It has some pronounced sarnach around the Kalashnikov on the bottom. The sarnach can be seen in the photos as white spots running in horizontal lines parallel with the parallel of the AK. Where two threads are tied together to make one longer warp thread, there is a little tuft of warp, or weft, thread that sticks up into the pile.

Map and Landscape with Lion/Deer
Dated 1987. Excellent condition particularly given its 20 years old. . Excellent color. Great imagery of lion tackling deer. The same image is found on 4th century BC Greek vases.

6 Tank War Rug

Compass Map Rug with Tanks
Nice rug. Writing and two square, compass, design very nice. Pseudo veg dye.

Afghan Map War Carpet with Two AK's
Brand new. This rug brought to you by our buyers in the American Special Forces! Thanks to our men and women in uniform.

Afghanistan Map Rug with Province Names and Soviets Departing.
Brand new. Purchased from US soldier.

Afghan Map with Abstract Al Buraq
Good condition showing minimal wear, essentially new

Afghan Map Rug with Compass but without Weapons - in Farsi
The condition of this new Afghan rug is excellent. By all technical means, this has no commonly known ""war"" images of weapons. However, we feel they are important art forms to be included in a war rug collection. This is because these rugs are derived from war rugs, and also because many maps were first charted for reasons either for war, or as a result of war. Territories and borders are often the only, and oldest, reasons for war.
This map rug showcases a compass, flag of Afghanistan, and a map with the Provinces written in Farsi. Also in Farsi are the names of the surrounding countries. In fact, the only text written in English is ""Made in Afghanistan"" and ""2002"". Please allow us to point out the flowers in the corners of the rug.
There is some minimal, typical bleeding of dark into light colors.

Older Map Afghan War Rug (Listed as rug 1021 in Miami U show)
Tightly woven, very soft and comfortable underfoot. A black silhouette of Afghanistan is filled with figures with guns, tanks, helicopters, and canes. Figures ride camels and lead horses away from the country with canes and walking sticks.
Green, blue, yellow, and brown geometric medallions form a border around the scene and another set of thick bands of geometric shapes frames either side of the rug.
The elaborate kilim adds even more intricacy to the craftsmanship.
Features canvas 'tube' on back to hang from a dowel.