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Kharghai (Workshop)

Massoud Wagireh (weavers sample) Rug with Afghan Map
Sampler rug, or wagireh, featuring portrait of Ahmad Shah Ma'sud. This is a rug a weaver would use to show their skills in weaving different sorts of patterns including elaborate borders, spandrels, portraits, maps, and text. This is a really fine quality rug with small detailed knots.

Soviet Exodus with Little Birds

Taliban Era Mashad Style World Map Rug
Mashad Style world map rug. An oval-shaped world map is depicted in the center of the rug on a red field, with an image of the Paghman Lake Arches above and the Mosulem of Gawar Shad (daughter-in-law of Timur) below. A design reminiscent of those from Mashad, Iran flanks each of these pictures capped by the flag of Afghanistan. Above the bottom of these secondary motifs are the words "KABUL-AFGHANiSTAN". Western-like flower designs fill in some of the negative space.
The main border is made up of the world's flags on a grey field with the country names in English beneath each.
For exhibition at Miami University, museum hired amish sewers to tack on canvas loops through which dowels could be inserted to hang rugs on wall.