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Car Style War Rugs

Excellent Old Car Style Rug
This earthy blue and green rug features a repeating pattern of tanks, grenades, and rifles. The earthy oranges, blues, pale yellows, greens, and browns give this rug a muted yet colorful look.
There are some small repairs and a small section on the bottom left side of the rug has been re-piled. This section still has some broken warps.

Green Tanks Brown Helis
The slightly darkened colors in this rug add a ton of dimension. Green, magenta, blue, and orange give this rug a lively vibe. The abrash in the greens, especially in the guard stripes, is interesting and adds depth.
Between the rows of tanks and helicopters are tons of smaller motifs including flowers, small plants, geometric shapes, and chevrons.

New Condition Car Style War Rug
New colorful Car style blue rug with bright magenta accents. Features alternating lines of tanks and helecopters in various greens, browns, blues, and pinks. Negative space is filled with smaller cars and flowers.
The main border is made of branches of flowers connected by thin brown vines. The two guard stripes (unusual for this kind of rug) have intricate similar flower patterns.

(exhibited at Miami University Art Museum)Old Car Style Herat Rug
Classic fine, lustrous and translucent wool found in good car style war rugs. The border is a traditional Baluchi one from around Herat. The wool is gorgeously oxidized

Car Style War Rug with Civil War Era Rockets
Low pile in area, but not worn to knots, lost kilim ends, sarnach. Color is excellent, Super Duper rug = Rocks the hard jams. Good selvedge.

Large Car Style Afghan War Rug
Perfect. Rugs of this style typically are woven from very soft wool, fine in texture. Nice palette of colors. More pedestrian imagery. It is not all intensely warlike.