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Baghlani War Rugs

Red Baghlani with rust outermost border

Blue Baghlani War Rug with Long Knots
This is a really finely knotted and lustrous rug. Six orange rifles line the sides of the rug with rows of well defined tanks, helicopters, and smaller weapons filling the center. The border is comprised of a medium sized floral design and two smaller candy-cane striped guard stripes with a jagged outer stripe.
Seems like a prototype Red Rug, however the drawing and structure is more Baghlani.

Pink and Blue Selvedge War Rug Pillow
handmade zipper. The rows of small intricately drawn weapons and vehicles are made with multiple bright colors which really pop from the brown background. A faux fringe composed of different types and colors of wool and cotton is carried around the entire pillow, tied at the base by an alternating pink and blue weave.
The back of the pillow is composed of polychromatic stripes.

Old Baghlani War Rug with Three Small Borders
Baghlani rugs, Turkmen rugs from north eastern Afghanistan originated in the late 1980's and were woven through the mid 1990's. Generally, Baghlani rugs are long and narrow, so this rugs squarish proportions are unusual.

The colors in this rug are very rich and uniform. Rows of maroon, orange, and tan jets and tanks run down the rug, filled in with smaller motifs such as rifles and flowers. The border is made up of multiple geometric guard stripes. This color scheme, and the Rows of Weapons design are emblematic of the Baghlani type.

Progenitor Baghlani War Rug with Autumnal Color
Price on Request

This is the most unusual Baghlani rug. It has the design and proportions of a Baghlani rug, but the structure is unique. The structure is more similar to an Iranian Turkmen rug than most of the Baghlani rugs which have more typical Baluchi standards.
The colors are most limited but beautiful palette: rust, rust tan, tan, brown grey, blue and black. The rust, tan, and brown green are undyed wool. The background color is a very deep indigo. Also there are touches of a lighter blue (albeit still very dark) in some of the machine guns which make a very nice accent.
The rug has some areas of low pile on the bottom fifth, and particularly the lower left corner. Please, see photos.

Original Baghlani
Baghlani rugs are typically narrow and about six and a half feet long, like this carpet. The colors too are typical, sort of an autumnal palette. The black field is unmistakably funerary or symbolic of loss, death, and mortality.

Red Baghlani War Rug with Multicolored Leaf Border
The condition of this war rug is excellent. This rug uses a variety of similar but contrasting colors to make a very elegant pattern. New condition. Very good wool, variety of size motifs, classic Baghlani layout with tanks, helicopters and rifles. Field color looks to be natural madder dye. The color is very rich and shows beautiful abrash.
Images are woven upside down. At the very top of the rug, images go askew with a triangular shape. Border has an 'almond design' and selvedge is wool-wrapped two cord flat.

Red Baghlani w/ Men in Tanks
The color of this Baghlani rug is unusual, in that it is red instead of blue or black. The secondary colors, mint green and ochre, are also unusual. The figurative element in this rug makes it unique. The rows of poppies are also significant.

Rare Baghlani War Rug (Price reduced 1/27/15)
Condition of this Baghlani war rug is very good. It has full pile, and no damage or repairs. Wool is thick and dense. Wool is a little dry, so perhaps it has been harshly washed. Rug has dense feel, like felt. This rugs handle is hard and stiff, consistent with type.
This rug shows lovely birds.

Small Baghlani w/ Cotton Warp
Good, somewhat worn

Red Baghlani w/ 2 Types of Helicopters

Black Baghlani w/ 5 Human Figures
This a classic older Baghlani war rug.
This rug features human figures, which makes it amongst the most interesting and important war rugs. These figures could represent the weaver and her family, or they may represent people she has lost during the war. The latter possibility jibes with the black field, which typically represents mourning.
Like all Baghlani rugs, this rug features rich earth-tones. It also has a brilliant sheen. The colors have softened over time giving the rug a beautiful muted feeling. The black field has suffered tip-fading.

Three Medallion Baghlani
This new war rug is in perfect condition. It is expertly knotted and uses beautiful colors. The colors in this war rug are unusual, especially for Baghlani war rugs. The colors together go beautifully together. The light outlines are pinkish rose, the brightest red is pomegranate, there are also ochre and plums. These are not the colors usually seen in Afghan rugs. The field color is the nicest blue we have seen in a Baghlani rug. All the colors are rich and unique.
Furthermore, in reference to Baghlani rugs, this is a unique pattern. We have never seen these medallions in any Afghan or Persian rug. The only other Baghlani rug with medallion is number 79. The half medallions sticking in from the border are nice and also very unusual. The expected design is rows of weapons with maybe some floral motifs like this. (Sorry about the lousy photos)The typical Baghlani patterning is seen in the rows of weapons running along the top and bottom. Lastly, the border design is the nicest seen on Baghlani rugs.

4 Medallion Baghlani
War rugs of this type typically depict weapons only arranged in rows, sometimes with secondary motifs of flowers or people. This war rug is different because it has medallions. There are some design elements of this war rug that make it look Baghlani: one knot wide yellow lines around border, the helicopters, the colors used. But the definitive element to the Baghlani attribution is the structure. The knot structure, size and dimension are typical of rugs from Baghlan. The condition of this war rug is new and perfect. The pile is dense and short.

Old Baghlani ID was also: Small Floral Medallions with Vases of Flowers and Hand Grenades WRONG PHOTOS
The condition of this new war rug is perfect. It has beautiful color, from the deep blue field to the unusual turquoise in the top and bottom medallions. There is an attractive variety of color from olive green to bright red, yellow and pink. Please note there is some bleeding in the kilim ends, and the turquoise is a more furtive color. It changes to a blue grey over time.
The overall quality of this rug is very good. It has a thick feel from being well knotted with substantial wool.
The pattern is the traditional small floral medallions with the addition of vases of flowers, known to symbolize eternal life. The vases make a nice contrast to the hand grenades, which are well drawn.
This war rug has a traditional Herati border which complements the tree of life motifs which run vertically just inside the border.

Small Baghlan Afghan War Rug
Good condition. Pile full and dense. Cotton fringe dirty. Field color on back of rug is deep blue which has faded to black on the front of rug.

Blue Baghlan Afghan War Rug
Very good. Short dense pile. Strong field. Nice color. Interesting female figures with red wombs on top. This image is regarded as a fertility talisman. Flowers and small birds are a nice contrast to war imagery of planes, helicopters, tanks, rocket launchers, and rifles. Minimal abrash in field. Lots of colors that work well together, including dark blues, olive greens, maroon, teal, and cream.
Border is a classic design with geometric shapes and a weaving maroon line.

Black Baghlan Afghan War Rug
Very good. Rug was received very dirty. It was washed with Woolite and water on the sidewalk and came out nicely. Red dye came out slightly in soap and water but did not affect other colors. Black field has tip faded to brownish color.