War Carpet Damage

Repaired damage. This repair qualifies as fair quality

Damage repaired, back view.

Damage to fringe. I consider this type of damage very minimal.

Area worn to knots. Baghlani

Brown spot

The white spots in this image are called 'sarnach' which is Persian for 'head of the thread'. These small tufts are left when one warp, or more often weft, threads are tied together. They can be safely clipped down below pile. Often, they are painted over

Repaired hole with stain.

Dark spots where dye or marker has been applied.

Painting to cover damage and repair.

Wear causing low pile especially noticeable in top right, also not damage to fringe.

Low pile, worn, but nonetheless beautiful rug.

Moth damage, which has been arrested, but the damage is done.