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Dark Blue Field Drone Rug
New condition. Good wool, great abrash.

Age: Completed 2016
Received by Company November 2016
First published January 2017

Dark Blue 2019 Reaper Drone War Rug
Great rug. Soft pile, which is thicker than most.

The knots in this rug appear to be "asymmetrical open right", which is very unusual, for 95% of the Afghan rugs seen by "asymmetrical open left", so we will endeavor to figure out the reason.

Age: 2019

Burgundy Predator Drone War Rug (2015)
This is the last predator drone rug of the 2015 group of rugs.
It is new and in perfect condition. The materials and craftspersonship are excellent. It is well-knotted with super quality wool that has been carded and spun by hand which protects the natural lanolin in the wool. Lanolin gives shine and protects the wool. Like all Peshawar style rugs this rug has also been washed and rinsed with a conditioner The conditioning ads added luster and protection for the wool.

Age: Woven 2015
Recieved by company December 2015
Published in USA February 2016

Excellent Quality Green Border Ewer War Rug
Strong design. Note the superb luster of this rugs wool. Design alternates between rows of two tanks with text inside and three large ewers. Throughout the negative space sit grenades and small flowers, and the whole field is surrounded by an open guard stripe of linked flowers and leaves.
The border consists of tanks, rifles, and helicopters on a green background. The mustard yellow and bright orange accents pop off of the olive green and navy blues.

Age: 1990s

Red, White, and Blue Drone rug
This rug is leftover from 2019, in 2020 no more of this coloration arrived, so this is the last of the "Red, White, and Blue" with a white field, at least for a while.

Age: 2019

Washed Double Landscape with Towers War Rug
Important early landscape rug from a good collection, but a dealer who shall remain nameless, 'tea washed' it.

This rug features a landscape with two large gridded minarets, possibly the Minaret of Jam. Smaller buildings sit throughout the rug with tall towers while a road snakes down the center. At the top and bottom of the rug sit faded subtle areas with mountains packed with helicopters and planes.
Although this rug has been washed, the bright orange and red are still vibrant and the overall color scheme of the rug is really nice.
There is a small section of repair in the bottom left side of the fringe which isn't very well done craftsmanship wise.

Age: First half of the 1980s

Afghan - Soviet - US - Weapon Inventory War Rug

Age: Dated 1392 which is 2014 in the Gregorian calendar.

Buff Field Flower Medallion Helicopter War Rug
This rug is subtle and fascinating. The colors are understated while the pattern keeps your eyes moving across the entire piece. The border is classic and solid, yet the center imagery is a bit more unusual and frenetic. The simple helicopters are common to this style of rug. What is unusual are the little planes sprinkled between the choppers and mandala-like floral designs. The rugs shape is imperfect, with one end wider than the other.

Age: 1980s or 1990s

"Bokara" DroneWar Rug: Large size Elephant Foot Rug.
New condition. Excellent wool tightly woven. Natural colors on hand spun wool.

Age: Fall 2019