Large Afghan War Rugs

Most tribal Afghan war rugs are woven at home where large looms are impractical, so most Afghan war rugs come in two sizes. Sajada, or prayer rug rugs, are about 3x5 feet (or 80 x 150 cm), and the most common size war rug is one by two meters (or 3'3" x 6'6"). Larger war rugs are very rare.

The golden age of large Afghan War Rugs was between 1989 and 1991 when Afghanistan was relatively peacable. Some examples currently on loan to the Gund Gallery and shown at the Fleming Museum of Art include this Alighiero e Boetti influenced World Map War Rug, this Mythic Figures War Rug, this Hajj Rug (arguably not a war rug, this Pomegranite and Mosque Afghan War Rug , and this pictorial rug showing the Jam Minaret with a poppy border war rug. lacks the hardware to photograph very large rugs, so the whole rug photos on this page sometimes show perspective, which we regret.

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Afghan War Rug
Cloudburst Medallion with Helicopters and Special Border
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This rug has many beautiful qualities. The border is fantastic. There is a very unusual line of helicopters with pots of flower's on each side. The medallion is totally unique and has hints of Bessarabian kilim. The animals are amazing, but it is the three female figures at the bottom that are really special.

The rug is well knotted from excellent smooth wool. The dedication to the border drawing is a testament to the good materials and craft.

This rugs drawback is that water damage has produced some bleeding and color runs

It would be nice read the illegible English writing, so if you can translate the legible script translate the text, please contact us
112 x 74 inches
285 cm x 188 cm
Afghan War Rug
Early Large Format Landscape Afghan War Rug
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The condition of this rug is excellent and virtually new despite its age. The rhythmic array of plants drawn in diverse styles creates a beautiful visual rhythm drawing the viewer's eye around the carpet. The designs blends abstract imagery with rhythmic patterning.

The colors are classic Taimani with red, blue, burgundy, and an array of marled colors which give depth to the landscape.

The simply drawn armor arrayed along a road in a column is common in 1980's war rugs.

The architecture in the corners is an interesting accent, and the English characters suggest the rug is from later in the 1980's.

The border features white sumac behind the pile medallions which is called gul-i-birjista.

Slight bleeding of rust color into blue and white marled sky, otherwise condition is excellent.
81 x 112 inches
206 cm x 284 cm
Afghan War Rug
Large Tree of Life Rug
Price on request

This is classic tree of life design showing the creatures of the Garden,. This rug #1647, the tree design has been simplified and abstracted. Plant motifs have been flattened into abstract patterns. Immediately below the brown, patterned, rectangle at the top right is an abstracted eagle carrying its prey, where the eagle has a green body and V shaped wings, and the prey is brown with three legs and a tail.

Rugs that contrast war motifs, like the border of this rug, with old patterns are the most exciting. The contrast of natural images with technology, like tanks, cars, or helicopters is one of the beauties of war rugs.

This rug, #91, is a less abstracted example of the same pattern

This blog post is about how rugs become abstracted, . and here is a good example of a not abstracted Mt. Fuji rug.

And This blog post is about the design in this rug, #1647, compared to a regular rug of the same pattern.

This post shows a a similar abstraction process with the Tyne Bridge and Newcastle Swing Bridge
66 x 114 inches
168 cm x 290 cm
Afghan War Rug
Large Scale Bokara Drone War Rug

This is one of two rugs seen by which employ a classic Bokara or Elephants Foot design, but rather than traditional tribal emblems this rug uses a major and minor guls made from drones.

The other rug of this design is herethis drone configuration is seen in this rug and this similar similar this rug

The condition is new and excellent.
78 x 117 inches
198 cm x 297 cm
Afghan War Rug
Blue Elephant foot Bokara Drone War Rug

New condition. Excellent wool tightly woven. Natural colors on hand spun wool.
85 x 60 inches
217 cm x 153 cm
Afghan War Rug
Giant Iraq War Rug

Iraq map showing American weapons and neighboring countries. Border from earlier designs. The attack helicopters and humvee are remarkably well drawn in these rugs. These are the first Afghan war rugs not representing Afghanistan. The vocabulary is constant but the subject has changed. These rugs demonstrate the degree to which war rugs have become an established vernacular in Afghan art.
50 x 96 inches
127 cm x 244 cm
Afghan War Rug
2005 Signed Giant World Map Rug
Price on request

This large world map rug features very detailed and well drawn depictions of the countries of the world labeled in english. The map features latitude and longitude lines, as well as the names of the oceans. Surrounding the map is a border composed of the flags of the world again labeled in english. The rug is signed at the top in a red box.
Below the map the continents of the world are featured in their own squares (not in proportion). The blue used for the water in the rug is a great abrash and gives a lot of depth.
There is a large orange stain in the center of the rug.
107 x 123 inches
272 cm x 312 cm
Afghan War Rug
UXO Red Field. Large Size Unexploded Ordnance Afghan War Rug

This rug, and the group of which it is a part, are all exceptionally well made from the best quality materials. The designs are well organized with a strong composition and design. Borders are beautiful, particularly the corner motifs.

This new group of unexploded ordnance rugs are uncommonly beautiful. The design is strong and related, apparently, to these rugs from the Omar Mine Museum: #2024 Unexploded Ordnance Warning Rug, and this absolute gem, #451 Do Not Touch War Rug

The subject matter and layout, though, is where the similarities end, for rugs #451 and #2024 are classic "Baluchi" rugs most likely woven around Herat in Western Afghanistan, whereas the new group of rugs are woven in the "Chobi" or "Vegetal Dye Peshawar" style with Turkmen borders. We contacted OMAR about their rugs, but they were not forthcoming, and the new rugs bear no OMAR emblem like the earlier rugs.

A note about the photography: the step ladder was not tall enough to get a square shot of the whole big rugs. The rugs are square although the photos are not.
77 x 136 inches
196 cm x 345 cm