Discover these war rugs for sale

Drone War Rugs

Unexploded Ordnance Rugs

The original, copyrighted, and unique drone rugs War rugs showing life sized unexploded ordnance

Only available on Warrug. Original and unique drone war rugs.

The lasting legacy of war, unexploded ordnance rugs. Life sized images of dangerous things lying around Afghanistan.

Blue War Rugs with Subtle Weapons

Blue War Rugs with Overt Weapons

Blue war rugs with subtle imagery for sale Blue war rugs with obvious war imagery for sale

War rugs with traditional Afghan designs. 'Baluchi' and Timuri designs woven near Herat.

Rows of weapons, two ewer rugs, weapons only designs also from western Afghanistan

Pictorial War Rugs

Red Rugs and Yellow War Rugs

Pictorial war rugs with landscapes and maps for sale Red War Rugs for sale

Landscape, portrait, and map rugs. Political portraits, Afghan architecture, and maps of Afghanistan.

Mostly Turkmen rugs woven in refugee camps in Pakistan. The classic "Red Rugs", Tora Bora rugs, Iraq rugs, War on Terrorism rugs, and Soviet Exodus rugs