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Tyne Bridge and Swing Bridge in Newcastle, England

Tyne River Veiw, Newcastle, En. Afghan rug with cars
Straightforward depiction of lines of cars crossing the Bosphorus Bridge with buildings and landscaping in the background. Red, deep blue, green, light yellow, and orange make up the palette.
Orange, red, and blue flowers border the composition, which is then bordered by a blue and white Greek-inspired wave pattern on a red background. A white dotted line backed by a dark brown stripe borders the edge of the rug.

Tyne River Swing Bridge and Through Arch Bridge Rug with Small Buildings Under Arch
This rug's condition is excellent and apparently new. There are a wide variety of marled colors: tan and green, navy and tan, red and navy. Drawing of this rugs motif is unusually refined and abstracted.

Tyne River in Newcastle, Night Bridge Scene
This rug is in new condition and is unused. The wool is shaggy and new. The exact location depicted in these bridge rugs is unknown (if you know please contact us). This rug is the only night time version. The sky is a extremely dark blue which verges on black. The bridge structure is rendered in red on black with dark grey cables. It is an artistically creative way to render an urban night scene. Traditonal Baluchi motifs fill the sky and sparkle like stars.