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F-16 Rugs

F:16 War Rug with Human Figures Under Wings
This type of rug is the founder of Warrug.coms favorite type of Baluchi war rug. Although they feature clearly labeled F-16s they predate the War on Terror. The first we encountered this type was in 1996. What F16s are doing in these rugs is a puzzle, and if you have any ideas please contact us. We have a couple of these available right now, each is beautiful.
The figures with bombs on the backs of the F-16s are incredibly interesting.

White Chopper F:16 Rug
This is an excellent example of this type of rug. The white helicopters are great. They are very realistic featuring rockets, armor plating, motors, people. Note also that underside of planes says ""F:16"". Missiles on F16 wingtips are well drawn. Classic Herati borders. Excellent rug.

Detailed F-16 War Rug
Price upon request

This pre 9/11 F-16 war rug features a pattern comprised of rows of detailed F-16s, tanks, helicopters, and smaller weapons. The care taken in depicting the different realistic motifs helps show that it is an earlier war rug. The bright oranges and whites contrast against the navy blue background. The light blue wool has a great abrash.
The border consists of small flowery medallions flanked by two classic flowery guard stripes.

Blue F16 Jet Fighter Rug NFS
Very rare rug in excellent condition. Please contact us for the price.
The F-16 jets in this rug are actually labeled 'F 16' (albeit backwards) making this a very unique rug. The border is an interesting floral pattern with alternating green branches and small bunches of red and green flowers.
Small less-than-a-quarter-sized spot of moth damage in the center.

F16 War Rug from before War on Terror
Super excellent rug. Perhaps the best of this lot of F16s rugs. Striking blue, red and green accents spring out from the blue background. Intricate patterns and designs between and on the different weapons and vehicles give this rug a lot of depth.
Border consists of multicolored medallions with jagged white sawtooth guard stripes.

F16 Rug with Floral Design

White Chopper Afghan War Rug
Nice realistic drawing. Odd pattern - US element in the F-16. Fluorescent chemical dyes.

F-16 Green with tanks Afghan War Rug
This is a contemporary design. We have seen 6 per year the past 3 years. The jets are distinctly American F-16s which makes this rug particularly interesting. This rug predates the 9-11-2001 attack, and definitely has nothing to do with the Soviets.