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Kabul Landscapes

Realistic Airport Runner
This rug shows Kabul with the airport in the foreground, the river and road heading uphill past the jagged Old City Wall at the top right, and ending at the Intercontinental Hotel on the left, like in rug 903.
It includes a very well drawn airport and fence. It has a similar border to rug 472 and both are reminiscent of documented Kazakh and Kirhiz rugs.

Blue Kabul War Rug
A blue rug depicting the Kabul Airport with a large mosque in the background. Related to these five rugs: 1,2,3,4,5
Blue and red medallions alternate with geometric patterns to create the main border.
This rug does not lay flat and the border on the left side is slightly crooked.

Kabul City Scape from Airport at Night
This earthy rug is similar to this rug, perhaps even a nighttime scene of Kabul. The airport sits in the bottom right corner of the rug as a dark red road snakes up from the bottom left to the top right where rows of planes fly. A cityscape of small yellow and blue buildings sits against the black field.

Kabul City Scene from Airport
This bright rug features an elaborate cityscape as seen from the Kabul airport. The bright oranges and reds in the buildings and structures pop against the striking purple/blue background. A white road with what appears to be lamp posts winds diagonally down the rug from the airport in the bottom to the mountains in the top right.

Pictorial Rug with Tank Border
Excellent, really fine

Pictorial with Grey River War Rug
The strong and beautiful dark colors in this rug set a somber tone for the occupied town depicted. The field is a deep navy blue and the border is primarily black. These two hues, while similar values (light and dark) offset each other nicely chromatically.
This is a subtle and tasteful rug with subtle motifs.
I have seen rugs with this sort of river motif which come from Qala-e Nau, north of Herati, in western Afghanistan.

Hazara Pictorial burgundy Pakistan War Rug
Nice quality rug, good depiction.