Drone Rugs

Woven by Afghan Turkmen wit vegetable dye colors and hand spun wool.

This is the third batch of the original drone rugs, and the first of these rugs woven in Afhganistan. As Pakistan unofficially revoked the Afghan's welcome, these weavers returned to Afghanistan after more than a generation. When the weavers settled back in Afghanistan they commenced weaving the last patterns they wove in Afghanistan, these drone rugs.

The first batch of drone rugs was three pieces, the second batch was 11 pieces, and this batch was 18 pieces, and these will probably be the last of these designs. The wool and colors of the Afghan woven drone rugs are different than the Peshawar style of earlier rugs, so the colors and wool reflect these rugs unique origin and production.

"Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!" -T.W.

The large pieces are signed, dated, and all come with a certificate of authenticity. Truly original!

To order, please contact us with the rug number you want, and we will send you an invoice. Shipping included in lower 48 contiguous US states.

Afghan War Rug
Final Blue Predator Drone Rug
Perfect. Great example of this pattern which bears structural differences from the Reaper drones (1151, 1156, 1158).

The border on this rug is Turkmen with the colors altered to fit the palette of this red, white, and blue rug.
2'1" x 3'3"
63 cm x 99 cm
$ 750
SALE $656
Afghan War Rug
Red Eyed Reaper with Four Blue Drones
New, perfect condition. Classic Turkmen red rug with Reaper in undyed wool at center. This group of rugs is defined by red fields, white Reaper drones with a red spot at the front.
2'1" x 4'4"
63 cm x 132 cm
$ 450
SALE $393
Afghan War Rug
Nice Abrash Blue Drone Rug
New, perfect condition. Signed dated 1395. One of a group of three rugs in the 2015 batch.

Beautiful abrash in the blue field. Strong color comes out from the shiny wool on the border. 2/3

This group is defined by more square proportions, different - more even - abrash in the field, a warmer red in the border, and the border color on the selvedge.

3'3" x 4'6"
99 cm x 137 cm
$ 975
SALE $853
Afghan War Rug
Light Blue Drone Rug
New condition. The cerulean blue is very unusual color in rugs, and the red outlines of the planes make the drawing pop.
3'2" x 4'8"
97 cm x 142 cm
$ 1650
SALE $1443