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World Map Rugs

2005 Signed Giant World Map Rug
Price on request

This large world map rug features very detailed and well drawn depictions of the countries of the world labeled in english. The map features latitude and longitude lines, as well as the names of the oceans. Surrounding the map is a border composed of the flags of the world again labeled in english. The rug is signed at the top in a red box.
Below the map the continents of the world are featured in their own squares (not in proportion). The blue used for the water in the rug is a great abrash and gives a lot of depth.
There is a large orange stain in the center of the rug.

Large World Map Rug
This is a GIANT world map rug. Super soft and shiny, the wool is very high quality. The shapes of the continents and countries are well defined and accurate relative to other world map rugs. The blue fields are wonderfully abrashed.
the bottom of the rug features each continent in its own box, labeled with large script. A thick border of flags separates this section from the world map, as well as surrounds the rug. Farsi script helps to label the map as well.

World Map Rug with Shortened Names
This rug features a detailed map of the world, complete with names of each country, oceans, and labeled latitude and longitude lines. The eastern end of Russia and New Zealand are featured twice on the map, once on the right side and again on the left where it wraps around.
Typical of these world maps, the border consists of the flags of the world, however most of the names are abbreviated with '...'.