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Tree of Life Design

Gul i'Barjista Floral Runner
This red white and blue Gul i'Barjista rug features a repeated motif of a large floral Tree of Life sprouting from the bottom (and top) of the rug, growing towards the center. At the bottom of the motifs sit small intricate planter-like buildings from which plants sprout. Three helicopters labeled "ENTEN' fly above the tree below a large medallion and a cluster of flowers which sit in the center of the runner.
The border also features similar text, long blue and red diamond shapes frame the rug with the letters "ENTE" in striking text.

Tree of Life with Peacocks War Rug
Perfect. Excellent quality. The colors in this rug are vibrant and rich. A strong lime green line runs down the center of the rug, the 'trunk' of the Tree of Life.
Rows of helicopters, peacocks, and grenades, and short rifles line either side of the trunk. Just inside the border are lines of what look to be leaves in multiple colors. Several different medallions create the main border.

Large Tree of Life Rug
Price on request

This is classic tree of life design showing the creatures of the Garden,. This rug #1647, the tree design has been simplified and abstracted. Plant motifs have been flattened into abstract patterns. Immediately below the brown, patterned, rectangle at the top right is an abstracted eagle carrying its prey, where the eagle has a green body and V shaped wings, and the prey is brown with three legs and a tail.

Rugs that contrast war motifs, like the border of this rug, with old patterns are the most exciting. The contrast of natural images with technology, like tanks, cars, or helicopters is one of the beauties of war rugs.

This rug, #91, is a less abstracted example of the same pattern

This blog post is about how rugs become abstracted, . and here is a good example of a not abstracted Mt. Fuji rug.

And This blog post is about the design in this rug, #1647, compared to a regular rug of the same pattern.

This post shows a a similar abstraction process with the Tyne Bridge and Newcastle Swing Bridge

Hunting Rug with Cars
The condition of this rug is excellent. It is the best quality of rugs from Herat. On a scale of one to 10 it is a 9.5. Rug is soft and supple with a felt like feel. The felt like feel is what we consider the best. Rug shows many colors throughout a broad range. There is some expected tip fading in the lightest of the four blue colors. This is typical for this color in these rugs. It has a nice oxidation shown in color and sheen. Thin border is common in hunting rugs, and the bands of pattern on top and bottom are very nice. There are tree of life motifs in corners of field. Imagery includes the eagle attacking a lamb motif.