Styles Page

Beljik Rows of Weapons

War Rug with Grenade Border
Rows of weapons including tanks, helicopters of varying sizes, handguns, and grenades sit on a red field. The golden border is dotted with big red grenades.

Small Yellow Beljik Rows of Weapons
This small rug features large simplified drawings of a large rifle, handgun, grenade, two helicopters, and a truck-mounted gun. The handgun is shown firing five large bullets.

Red Beljik Rows of Weapons with Rows of Grenades
The large abstracted drawings on this carpet combine with the primary colors to give the rug a very graphic feel. A large rifle runs up the left side while cruise missile launchers, a helicopter, a vehicle-mounted gun, and smaller weapons fill out the right. A row of round grenades frames the top and bottom of the composition. A classic multicolored bullet border marks the edges.

Uzbeki War Rug
Chobi wool is processed to be super soft and lustrous.

Uzbeki War Rug with Triangle Border
Chobi Similar drawing to Rons style. This chobi wool is apparently worsted.

Chobi War Rug
Perfect. Grey undyed chobi. Very nice.

War Rug with Flower Border
Perfect. Chobi means ""undyed wool""