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Tora Bora No Foreign Flags

Scattered Flags Sub style of F-16 Map Rug with Three F-16s in formation
The condition of this new Afghan war rug is excellent. There is some abrash in the field color as well as the usual minimal light bleeding of dark into light colors. The depiction of the F-16 Fighter Jets in formation is rare. The red images below the jets appear to be bombs being dropped in the war on terror. This Tora Bora rug with caves in the mountains also has drawings showing multiple people in the cabs of the pickup trucks.
The colors are nicely used in this war rug, as is the text ""for brinking peace in Afghanistan your local leader became union with American army"".

The condition of this new war rug is perfect. There is, however, minor bleeding around the red, which is common in these types of war rugs, and there is some puckering on the back, but rug lies flat.
This is an excellent Tora Bora map war rug, and its design really breaks the mold. There is no banner of flags across the rug, which usually is there to represent America and Afghanistan united by a dove carrying an olive branch. This specific war rug stands out by its ambiguous design as to whether the weaver thought that the U.S. invasion was welcomed, which breaks the mold for new war rugs. This is, of course, left to interpretation. There is a prominent Afghan flag and much text in English, as though the weaver felt safe to express her feelings to a land where speech is free.
The drawing of the American planes and trucks is quite expertly drawn. The helicopters at the top stand out as exceptionally done, with their angles showcasing their feats against gravity.

2002 US Yellow Map 5
The condition of this new map war rug is perfect with only the usual minor bleeding around some of the red letters.
This rug has some really nice imagery and the text reads as BY ORDER OF YALOAJAN.