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White Red Rugs

Pink Red Rug
This is a classic 1990's red rug, just in pink. The wool is pink, not washed to make red wool pink. A nice feature in this rug is how the red outlines around images pop out.

White Red Rug with Land Mines
New condition. Good drawing of AK47s. The burgundy images with octopus legs are anti personell mines. Airplane border works well.

Last White Red Rug
As with all of our remaining red rugs, this one is of better quality. Well knotted, but two inches wider at one end than the other.

Green Tanks, Helicopters, Cream Rug

Chobi war rug

Small White War Rug

White Red Rug 2
The condition of this new war rug is perfect. War rugs in this style and pattern are most commonly seen with a red field so rugs whose background is natural wool are a rare delight and make up only 1 in every 50 or so. A rare addition in the colors is a muted, almost fuscia shade in 2 of the helicopters and a couple of the tanks, as well. The deep, rich navy blue along the outlying rifles and in 2 of the helicopters is lovely. The weaver of this war rug was quite the remarkable artist, with strong use of extraordinary symmetry in colors as well as design. The tanks are particularly well drawn.

White Red Rug
Very unusual field color. 1 in 50 has light field.