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Herat Mosque (Trees, Road, Arches)

Special Herat Mosque War Rug
This red, yellow, and blue rug features an abstracted depiction of a scene in front of the Herat Mosque. Abstracted yellow planes fly against a navy sky above the large mosque on the right side of the field, spanning the length of the rug. Trucks drive (upside down?) on the road in front of the mosque, while what looks to be a garden of flowers and trees grows on the left side of the rug. The borders feature the familiar 'S' shape. The design of this rug and the depiction of the Herat Mosque has been used in designs before and since Taliban rule, although this rug is more abstract.
Afghan carpet dealer had this rug hanging on wall for years before it was purchased by warrug.com. Very similar to this rug.

Pictorial War Rug w/Tanks in Middle Ground
Older rug excellent condition there is nice use of the flecking (where two colors are plied together in one thread tan color seems to be hand spun excellent sheen nice oxidation it has been well cared for nice pattern in the foreground of stars and trees good view of the war rolling down your street

Armored Column & Mosque (dark foreground)
Like rug number 61, this rug depicts the city of Herati with an armored column rolling into town and jets with anti-aircraft fire over the mountains to the north of town.
This appears to be a night scene. The colors are much darker than rug 61.
This rugs colors are very nice. The foreground grey looks to be natural undyed wool, and it has very nice abrash. This grey has a very nice speckling of light and dark grey. The tan color in the mountains is natural wool of a different color. It too has very nice, subtle variations of tone. Both of these low hue colors contrast beautifully with the primary red and blue in the mosque.
Like rug 61, the patterns of the objects depicted is excellent. The round red trees and their trunks, the rectilinear armored column, the pointed arches of the mosque, the jagged mountains and the fanciful airplanes all contrast beautifully. These different shapes set up an attractive rhythm in the rug.

Armored Column & Mosque War Rug (light foreground)
This rug depicts the mosque in Herati with an armored column rolling into town and jets over the mountains to the north.
The colors are simple and strong. The contrast of the red jets in the blue sky is very nice, as is the abstracted quality of the jets. The mountains are undyed wool which is a very nice color.
The variety of drawn pattern is good. The two rows of round trees in the foreground, the boxy images of the column, the arches of the mosque, the jagged mountains and the jets in the sky all contrast one another well. The variety has a very pleasing effect.