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Three Panel Landscape

Three Panel War Sajada
Good condition. This rug appears not to have been blocked when it was washed after being woven, so it has a slightly bumpy lay. The border is a pattern one sees in published rugs from the 19th century.

This design is a later version of rugs like 1090 (Plate 25 in Pictorial War Rug Book) Plate 25 is from the early 1980s while this rugs is from the mid to late 1990s. Canada's Textile Museum in Canada exhibited an early example of this design which is also interesting because of its unusually large size.

Very Early Afghanistan as Grenade with Pin Pulled
This is an early example of this important design, but it has several areas of repaired damage.

A very interesting view of possibly the Kabul airport and the surrounding cityscape. In the center of the rug is a curiously grenade-like shape, almost like a grenade with its pin pulled. Planes and helicopters sit around the center on a blue background, and the top and bottom thirds of the rug depict an almost mirrored view of the surrounding town. The border includes some possibly Greek-inspired blue, olive, and white designs.
A few spots on this rug have been repaired-- one area in the bottom center, and another in the very center of the rug.

Yellow Plane Skirt

Baluchi Pictorial

IN Pictorial War Rugs book(exhibited at Miami University Art Museum)Vertical Herati Pictorial, Large Afghan War Rug (listed as 1402 in Miami U show)
As opposed to the easy flow between grounds in Plate 2, this rug breaks foreground, middleground, and background into distinct separated panels. Marled threads run through the mountains and road. The vehicle border is typical of early rugs. First example of unusually drawn candy cane striped helicopters and airplanes.

Pictorial 3 panel blue Afghan War Rug
Nice pattern and drawing. Excellent abrash in blue field. Nice border and guard stripes. Colors go well together. Double wefted, one strand grey wool one strand green or purple wool.

Pictorial 3 panel black Afghan War Rug
This rug has longer pile. About 5/16 inch. Drawing or helicopters on bottom is very nice. Weft is very odd. Mostly brown wool, double wefted. In some places second weft is white cotton, some baby blue cotton, some purple. Some weft goat hair.