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Triple Six Side Medallions

Two Red Tanks War Rug
Really good example of a 1980's rug. The pattern (with a series of small medallions with a jagged white outline) is an old one documented in books about antique rugs. There are similar contemporary designs which originate in Khorrassan around Mashad in eastern Iran. The Iranian iterations of this pattern are red and black, typically with a black field, and the medallions a mix of red, orange and white.

This rug is in very good condition but has a couple of noteworthy condition issues: First, a bright pink color used in tertiary images is fugitive, so there is tip fading. Secondly, there is considerable sarnach as well as short lines where the pile is displaced by very depressed warps.

White Baluchi Afghan War Rug with Blue Medallions, Tanks, Trucks and Animals
This newish Afghan war rug is good. The pile is full and the wool is very nice, and the white wool is looks to be hand spun. The colors go well together. The white offsets the blue particularly well. The best thing about this rug is the images. The childishly drawn trucks at the top and the bottom are really great. The tanks are stylized, and the guns are pointed up in retreat. The animals and the urns and the dotted lines are the best, they accent the war motifs and locate them in a more traditional environment.
This rug has a flaw one finds in some tribal rugs, which is that some weft threads are pulled too tight and the rug puckers a bit and does not lay perfectly flat.

Small 3 Medallion - Grenades Afghanistan War Rug
Like new. Lays flat. Square. Dense medium length pile. Good example of traditional Balouch rug with war accent. Subtle use of war imagery. Tree of life imagery on sides with Balouch imagery of flowers, stars and plants.