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Ghazni Red Rugs with Map

(exhibited at Miami University Art Museum) NFS WRONG PHOTOS
Good, new condition. The wool in this rug is different from Soviet Exodus, and Tora Bora rugs. More like Uzbeki workshop rugs. Beautiful variety of colors- abrash in the light blue is great. Great depth.

Red Ghazni 6
This new war rug is in excellent condition. This rug has some of the best quality wool seen in war rugs. It has been described by the staff at warrug.com as super excellent wool. The wool is Ghazni, which is the best wool available in all of Afghanistan. It is completely spun by hand. This war rug is extremely well-knotted with fabulous use of color giving this rug gorgeous luster rarely seen in new rugs. Its color comes from all natural dyes and the quality of the pile is top notch, as is its wool foundation.
This is really an excellent example of this style of war rug. These rugs are about the Afghan uprising against the Soviet -Puppet Government in 1978-79.

Red Ghazni Wool 4

Red Ghazni Wool
New beautiful

Ghazni Red Rug 3
New, excellent

sold to Melissa and Paul
The condition of this new war rug is perfect. This is made with Ghanzi wool, the finest wool in Afghanistan and completely hand-spun. This is a pictorial Afghani war rug depicting the Soviet-puppet government during their invasion. The image of the hand dripping blood and reaching into the depths of Afghanistan is beautifully done as the hand turns subtly into the hammer and sickle. Some of the finer points of this rug, besides its super quality wool, would be the rug's nice colors and its Farsi text.

Ghazni Wool Red Rug
New, Perfect