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Stinger Missiles and Daisy Cutters

Afghan - Soviet - US - Weapon Inventory War Rug
The wool in this rug is all undyed. It is minimally processed and spun by hand, so it is soft, lush, and durable.

The design shows an array of weapons used up to when it was made in 2010: Enfield 303's, Stinger missiles, technical vehicles, daisy cutter MOAB's, and a few types of land mines.

Originally there were a pair of this design around 2004, but they used full color.

Parachute Medallion War Rug
This Project Empowerment rug features interesting artistically arranged war imagery. Daisy Cutter bombs are arranged in the center like a medallion with different rifles (enfield 303s, AK 74s) and bicycles (why?) jutting from the top and bottom. To the sides of the medallion sit some sort of bazooka, some grenades, and some sort of landmine. Above and below the medallions and rifles sit big red landmines, and in each corner sits some sort of stealth aircraft.
The border consists of three smaller sections, one made of landmines, another of pickup trucks with mounted weapons, and finally one made from artillery shells. The rug is dated on the top and bottom centers of the border.
Everything in this rug appears to be some sort of war motif, aside from maybe the bicycles.