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WTC War Rugs - No Flag Banner

Four-Plane with People Falling World Trade Center War Rug
This grim depiction of the World Trade Center attacks shows not two, but four planes en route to the towers. Silhouettes of people falling face-first from the burning towers.
Similar to the other World Trade Center rugs, it has the same aircraft carrier and missile motif, as well as a variety of text.
The flag to the right of the towers has 53 stars.

WTC War Rug without Radio Tower
The condition of this rug is excellent. Rug says ""commercial bank"", and there are many people jumping out.

Very Nice WTC War Rug saying -Commercial Bank-
Very short pile in places. Cutting error.

No Banner WTC rug
A straight-forward and heavily propaganda influenced depiction of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The World Trade Center is depicted with flames erupting from the points of impact with the two planes approaching the towers. Small images of people can be seen falling from the towers.
Below the scene sits an aircraft carrier deploying jets and a missile (labeled 'MSILE').

World Trade Center Blue War Carpet
World Trade Center Rug

No Flag Banner World Trade Center War Rug with Green Outline of Afghan Map

World Trade Center War Rug with Brown Towers and People Falling

World Trade Center War Rug with Blue Grey Aircraft Carrier

World Trade Center September 11, 2001 War Rug without PSYOPS Flag Banner
New. classic, minimal bleeding.

World Trade Center War Rug with Spare Field
New, very good. Nice rug

WTC rug
The condition of this new war rug is excellent. There is no flag banner in this war rug, making it extremely rare. The American flag in between the two towers is magnificently done. This 9/11 rug contains the very haunting images of people falling and makes this war rug one of only two we have seen at warrug.com. As far as collectibles go, this is the rarest of them all.

World Trade Center W/O Flag
New Perfect