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Non War Rug

Antique Daghestani Prayer Rug
The rug has a special quality. The figure, represented by the pattern inside the mihrab, is the same as the ground, represented by the pattern outside the mihrab. This suggests the human and the world are made of the same worldly stuff, but the prayers emanating from the head of the figure change the world and break down the lattice pattern found inside and outside the figure. Basically, prayer is the difference, and prayer transforms the world.

Antique rugs are not the speciality of Warrug.com, but this rug is in good condition given its age. There are some issues documented in the photos: low pile, wear to the foundation, oxidation of the dark browns (typical for a rug of this era), minor bleeding of bright yellow (see photos of back), selvedge damage and repair, end finish repair.

The rug is clean. There is no bleeding around the red, and when blotted with a wet, white cloth, no red appears on white.

Abstracted Mount Fuji Rug