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Political Portraits

George W. Bush Portrait
A charismatic rug depicting a portrait of former United States' president George Bush, as indicated by both the portrait itself and the large title below it, "GEORGE W. BUSH". Behind and to the right of the president hangs an American flag.
The border is comprised of naturally colored swirling geometric patterns on a blue background. Small medallions are interspersed throughout.
It is important to note that, a previous washing has left the colors in the figure's face dulled, however it has been somewhat restored with paint.

Ahmad Shah Masood Praying with War Motifs (NEEDS NEW PHOTOS)
A brown and blue rug depicting Ahmad Shah Masood praying in the foreground, with cars, trees, and helicopters in the background. This rug appears to be a copy of the rug in this photograph and is evidence of the feedback loop where public discussions of war rugs lead to reiterations of previous designs.
Flowers and other objects on a dark blue background border the main composition.

Ahmad Shah Ma'sud Praying Rug
Northern Alliance leader Ahmad Shah Ma'sud is depicted praying in the center of this rug on a dark field. The blue in his clothing is marled with white, while the orangey red in his face is made with alternating checkered knots.
Small medallions float to the right of his head. A pattern of red and blue planes creates a textural line at the top and bottom of the composition.

Dostum on Cell Phone at Desk with Land Line

(Denison University Art Museum)Zia Ul-Haq, President of Pakistan During Afghan - Soviet War
A political portrait featuring Zia Ul Hak, President of Pakistan during Afghan/Soviet War. He wears a black tunic and sits on a light blue field. A border of red, cream, blue, and emerald green flowers snake around the outside of the rug. White text is written on the bottom of the rug.
Small stain on right side of field.

(Exhibited at Denison University Art Museum) Hamid Karzai
A small rug depicting former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai on a blue and off-white cloud-like field. 'HAMID KARZAI' is written in dark blue text under the portrait.
A blue, green, and red flower pattern separates the name and portrait as well as bordering the whole composition. A thicker light blue and off-white patterned motif borders the outside of the composition with a thin dark blue line on the edges.
This is one of a group of rugs that warrug.com has worked closely with over the years. This rug is one of a pair showing Hamid Karzai in traditional headdress. The green headdress represents his status as a religious leader.

Wool Khumaini Portrait
This is one of Warrug.com's project empowerment rugs. In the early 2000's we identified weavers of skill and promise and staked them to build looms and workshop of their own. This rug is one example of this production. These rugs were woven in Pakistan, by Afghan refugees. This rug was copied from thisrug #876. I suspect it was a junior weaver's first attempt at a detailed portrait rug. The border is not the signature motif of the best weaver of this group.

Lion Fighter Butterfly Rug
This colorful rug features a large stylized image of a man fighting a grey lion-like figure. Multicolored butterflies fly around them with spade-shaped smaller motifs (maybe flowers) filling out the negative space in the center of the rug and also the main border.
Colorful botehs form the secondary border, classic to this sort of rug.

Massoud Wagireh (weavers sample) Rug with Afghan Map
Sampler rug, or wagireh, featuring portrait of Ahmad Shah Ma'sud. This is a rug a weaver would use to show their skills in weaving different sorts of patterns including elaborate borders, spandrels, portraits, maps, and text. This is a really fine quality rug with small detailed knots.

Hamid Karzai Rug (On Loan)
A political portrait portraying Hamid Karzai in his western business attire. He looks candidly towards the viewer flanked by a cloudy blue background. A guard stripe of red and green foliage wraps around the portrait, with a white and orange geometric main border surrounding the composition. "HAMID KARZAI" is written in english in large white text below the portrait.

Kenan Evren Portrait

Raw silk from north west Afghanistan. Khomeini poetry written on borders. Beautiful rendition of a thorny and troubling character.

Ma'sud with Silk Foundation (On Loan)
Very best quality Afghan rug. Silk foundation, excellent pile wool, well knotted. The selvedges curl under on this rug, which is its only issue. The drawing speaks for itself, and the border is very special. Portrait is of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the leader of the Northern Alliance, killed 9/9/01.
Bottom left side of the fringe has three braids.

Dostum Standing
This political rug portrays Rashid Dostum in Western camouflage military uniform standing beside the flag of Afghanistan while three doves of peace fly towards him from the left. A small silhouette of Afghanistan floats beside him. A border of green and red flowers on a red background encircles the composition.